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Server time (UTC): 2021-10-20 06:48

Wire kits graphics glitch

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I was curious. Has this server addressed wire kit graphical glitches? I would love to use them but not off the triangular monolith spikes from its side and encompasses half of the chernarussian skyline, showing where it is. lol

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I removed a wire inside the TP, since it was artifacting for me. I believe the issue has still not been dealt with, and I am unsure if there's anything DayZRP can do about it. Let's hope for a fix from Rocket ^^

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The wire fencing kit graphical glitch does occur still, but not so often, very rarely for me. I haven't seen the big graphical glitch that fills the whole screen since a few patches ago, if the glitch does occur its usually only on the area of the screen that the fencing is taking up. And whenever I run into the problem, I just do a quick flush and it goes. So I would say its safe to use.

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