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A true zombie horror story

Guest Vladimir Zombin

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Guest Vladimir Zombin

I woke up near Stary Sobor, whilst I was munching on some human intestines, surrounded by weird looking people doing the same.. I was horrified about my actions, yet I just couldn't stop for a while. I really had to push myself out of that state of mine I was in, standed up, and after taking a glance at my surroundings, I started running towards some tents I saw near an old garage. On the way, a few of those weird looking people with blood on their hands and rotten flesh wounds directed some attention towards me, like they felt I was the weird one in that scenery. I felt like I had to continue running without saying a word to them..

It took me some time to reach those tents, I tripped quite a few times on the way, those minutes felt like hours. As I arrived at the tent area, I heard lots of buzzing near a pit, and I tripped. I couldn't stand up again, I felt exhausted, but my curiosity was huge, and I crawled as I could towards it. The pit was filled with body bags, the stench was incredible, but somehow I felt attracted to it. I dragged myself back in horror, hitting a parked Lada just behind me. I sat there for hours, thinking it was just a dream and telling myself to wake up.

As I try to stand up, I hang on the front door of the Lada and suddenly I see a face of a guy that looks a lot like those weird fellas I saw in the city.. wait, it's actually a side mirror from the car.. what happened here? Why do I look like those guys? Why does my entire body ache? WHAT'S GOING ON HERE?

(to be continued...)

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