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[Backstory MrHeX]

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Young man from a normal family, as far as any family under a microscope can be designated "normal," reaches puberty and starts to fantasize about sex with dead men. As these fantasies begin to take over my conscious mind, my link with the real word began to disintegrate. I becoame more and more alienated with my family, who cannot fathom what is going on and are powerless to help.

I move away, takes a low-level job far beneath my abilities, and starts to lure young minority men to my apartment where i conducted bizarre experiments on them, brutalized and finally killed them. As if this were not enough, i then mutilated and decapitated them, had sex with their corpses and cannibalizes them.

Inevitably, i was brought to justice, and like many men who go to prison for life, i professes to find God and embrace religion.

When the zombie acapalypse hit, and i escaped my captivity. I find myself more at home then ever. I can kill at my convenience. i can take what i want without any risks, i attack the non suspecting. the weak. the minority.

In my secret pit, i use my victims to what means i want them to be used. My victims are to be hung in my pit in chains and be used as i want to use them. pity those i run into.

Those i ally myself with share my basic rule of life. Kill or be killed. but my pit will always be MY pit.

Jesus walk by me, by group or by self, jesus will guide me.

i hear him in my head every day. he decides if you live or die. I just deliver upon you his will.

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