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[Backstory] Rambi

Guest Rambi

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This is my backstory, not finished yet tho.

I guess there is a shitload of grammar and spelling mistakes in it but thats how i roll!



I remember it as it was yesterday when the zombies hit us...

I was working as a car engineer to save money for my medical study. Living the life of an ordinary young german who listened to everything his parents told him to do.

-"You have to work hard so you will have enough money when you are old"

-"Go to school and learn"

-"Make us proud"

Still have their voices in my head...

So anyways, the day the zombies came, I was working on my old BMW I bought for cheap money.

It would be my first own car, and that at the age of 21....

I was so into working on the engine that I didn't notice all the noises outside at first, but as soon as my boss came in the hall I realized what was going on. Had seen it so many times in TV.

I was paralyzed asI saw him standing there, his wide open bloodlined eyes staring at me,

shreds of human flesh hanging out of his mouth. His overall was bloodsoaked, probably from the poor fellas he had already....consumed.

I don't know what made me act so fast, maybe the thought of either him or me, but I held my wrench tight, leapt towards him and smashed it with all the force I could bring up on his head.

I could literally feel his skull breaking as his body collapsed.

I must have looked really fucked up in that moment, but i didn't even think about what I just did.

There was so much shit in my brain...

-Are my parents alright?

-What about my friends?

-I need to get home to grap some stuff.

-How am I gonna survive this?

I took out my cell phone and called my parents. They were currently on vacation on Iceland.

"Beautiful nature, nice people", they said when they left.

My mum picked up and I could hear that she was already in tears:

"Thank god you are alive, John! We've seen it in the news, are you alright?"

I don't remember me telling them that I killed my boss, but what i remember is my dad telling me to go home, grab some stuff and leave the city.

"Son, go east, there is less people there. Avoid big cities and big roads. Don't worry about us, we are safe here and I will take care of your mother. Only eat canned food and boil your water before you drink it. I have a rifle in the attic, ammo aswell. Take it, you will need it. Are you still at work? Good, weld some scrap metal to your car. Like in A-Team you remember? Gas! Don't forget that."

In that very moment I was very proud of my dad, telling me those things...

"Don't waste time, Son. I know you are old enough to take care of yourself...

We love you."

Then the call broke up and I stood there with the phone in one and the wrench still in my other hand.

After a few minutes of standing there I did exactly what my dad told me.

I barricaded myself in the workshop and started to work on my car.

After two hours or so I was confident enough with all the stuff I attached to it.

With the big metal plate on the front it looked kind of like a bulldozer.

I went in the back of the workshop and grabbed some fuel cans, jumped into the car and started the engine. I already knew what I was going to see outside, so I gathered my senses and just ran straight through the gate of the workshop....

The way home was only a 5 minute ride but I felt like it was an hour.

There were dead bodies everywhere, people I saw everyday. All dead.

I found the house where I lived with my parents untouched. The neighbours must have fled or be dead aswell.

It took me about half an hour to get all the stuff I would need for my trip.

There were also nightvision goggles and GPS on the loft.

"What does dad use this for?", I thought.

I expected some old winchester when he talked about a rifle but it was actually a G36 with 5 Mags.

"I knew there was something weird about you dad", I chuckled to myself.

Then I got back to the car and left.....

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