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Hours alive


Add hours alive below humanity  

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We all know about the leaderboards and the top ten longest survivors alive, but how long are you alive your current game???? That is the big question and maybe Rolle can add this under the humanity that is on the left side below your avatar. It would be nice to see who is has the real survivor skills and who is jus a bandit that dies a lot of times(me). I think this will encourage you to stay alive a bit longer and make the realistic options during a robbery or fight. Most people fight to the death but maybe with the hours alive addition to your profile or below you humanity we can encourage survivors to stay alive a bit longer than planned.

YES NO?? Give arguments

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  • Emerald

I'd like to see lots of my stats on the website.

But seeing as this is a role play server, I already play with the goal of never dying, as everyone should. I suppose it could help some people prioritize their life over their gun they don't want to lose.

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Oldman, I owe you a drink. Excellent suggestion.

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