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Destroying Vehicles?

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So I found a car, parked it in a town whilst I looted. And then I had to afk because of real life stuff. So I was expecting my car to be stolen when I got back, but instead I found it a burnt out a wreck.

Why would anyone do this? Strip it of parts perhaps or stealing I can appreciate, but destroying it? Working cars are meant to be a rare commodity but destroying them defies common sense in my opinion.

In short I need clarification on what someone is allowed to do with a vehicle because I thought destroying them was a form of trolling.

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Some men just want to watch the world burn.

Others are just dicks.

That or someone salvaged the engine out of the car followed by someone starting the car.

No engine + Ignition = boom.

Either way it's totally annoying, feel your pain there buddy!

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It is true that you aren't allowed to destroy vehicles as this would be in violation of Rule #2. Due to the rarity of vehicles, there is no reason to destroy them.

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Thanks for the answers guys. Sadly it's one of those crimes where the person responsible can get away with it. I could appreciate it if it was a truck full of weapons or part of a clan war, but it will forever baffles me why they would do it to a random car. Fortunately I didn't lose anything or waste any time on repairs.

This has been solved if anyone wants to close this.

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