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Setup and rule breaking

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Me and my friend were walking with this guy, who looked very sketchy. We ended up attempting to rob him in a barn outside Elektrovadorsk, whilst robbing him,someone( probrably his friend) appeard in the door and immediately shot. Is this KoS and/or against the good samaritan rule because I thought players need to make contact before shooting in the GS rule?

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Guest Icy

While some sort of contact/communication/RP is good, I'm pretty sure that it's not mandatory in a Good Samaritan situation, as the whole point of it is that you can interrupt a hostile action to save the victim. As PalmtreeWhale said, if he directly witnessed/heard the hostile actions then he could just shoot you, as it seems he did

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Was that guy part of a group? Had he friends around?

There are so many things you have to cover up before you rob someone to make sure you are safe.

To be a bandit is not ment to be easy ;)

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