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The First session-The sad stories of Carlos

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A story that was told of Carlos to a councilor that took Carlos in and gave him a

room for a night.

Translated from Spanish

This is 5 years before the undead invasion.

It was a very warm day in the suburbs of the city Mexico,Carlos had everything sorted for the move,He was promised a safe,comfortable and a quick export to Chernarus.He had saved for many months to be able to travel and live in Chernarus.The cartel promised him a apartment and a fake passport so he would not have any issue of living in the new land.Carlos even read a Russian dictionary to supply himself with a few words to be able to communicate on a basic level.So on the morning that Carlos was meant to leave,he kissed his family of 12 a goodbye and his close friends.He met the cartel on a quiet street.He was only allowed to pack a very small bag with only about 2 sets of clothes.The cartel pulled up to Carlos with a huge 4x4 SUV.They dragged Carlos into the car and put a bag over his head and said 'that if he moved or screamed for help he would be killed.Carlos was very confused he didn't realize what kind of men these people where.He traveled for hours and hours with no food and no water.They pulled up to a empty barn in the middle of no where.They told him to go to sleep and that they would be flying in the morning.

The next day Carlos was kicked awake and dragged back into the car,They traveled even more.The SUV suddenly stopped.He could see about ten to twenty other farmers ,children and women standing there with bags over their heads.The men where pushing and hitting the Women and children while their husbands watched.After a few hours of abuse they were rounded up into a coca-cola truck.Their was about twenty people squished into a small truck with no food,air or water.They gave Carlos and the others bags to suck on to stop them from suffocating. The truck pulled out and drove to a small and quiet port.The truck drove onto a small boat.The smell and panic from the people inside the truck was so toxic that people just stood in shock and watched as children lost air and mothers cryied and screamed .One ladies son was suffocating from the lack of air,she screamed and screamed for her child.Two men opened the door and pulled the lady out.They closed the doors and about one minute later there is gunshots and a small and painful cry from the women.


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God that's pretty brutal. I like it. :)

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