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Structure Building Rules

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Just wanted to see a set of rules posed about base/structure building now that walls and buildings can be put up through the use of the building manuals. What do you guys think some of the rules should be for something like this?

Just a few suggested rules:

- All building projects should be planned out and finished out in order to not clutter the map.

- Bases and camps should not be placed in or on major loot hubs.

Fee free to discuss!

Define major loot hubs?

Stary - Kabanino - NWAF. Example if you drive from Stary, Kabnino than NWAF, their is roadblocks all over the place, and example North of Kabanino, someone built a big roadblock.

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Guest kipaja2

I find it annoying to see a wall on the middle of the road every 20 meters I drive, maybe have some rules that if you abandon it unfinished you should remove it.

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