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T.O.R Open Frequency

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(This thread is meant as a radio channel for TOR radio traffic. Other people may join in with their own radio messages assuming they have a good enough reason to have learned of the radio frequency used)


An old channel not used in several months suddenly buzzes to life.

"Is...is there anyone on this frequency? Hello? This is Tom Anderson broadcasting. I've..eh..been out of the loop for a while. Could use an update. Any of the rangers still alive? Can anyone read this?"


"oh and I may or may not actually have a manhunt going on after me, I just escaped a crashed helicopter. So..uhm..yeah, if you get this message get back to me quickly please."


"Uh..yeah. That's..uh..it. Yep. Tomeran out."

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*Feliks flicks through radio when he hears this transmission*

Hello there, friend.

I would personally like to welcome you to our great country, and hope that you find your do called "rangers".

I hope everything turns out well for you. I never thought people even use this frequency anymore!

*You suddenly hear shots in the background*

"Kurva, kryjte se !"

*Radio transmission cuts out and static begins*

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*As Alina is sitting at her regular camping area flipping through open frequencies she hears the man*

Da, I can hear you loud and clear

I don't know If I can be much of a help to you, but I am a doctor if you are in any need of medical attention. You sound pretty beat up

*The radio goes silent*

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A tall but scraggy man is lying in his improvised tent when he hears static through the radio. He opens one eye and one ear and scratches his chin through his unkempt beard.


"Is...is there anyone on this frequency? Hello? This is Tom Anderson broadcasting. I've..eh..been out of the loop for a while. Could use an update. Any of the rangers still alive? Can anyone read this?"

As the message continues, the man starts to snicker, quietly at first, but then louder and louder, until it turns into a deranged laughter. Finally he stops and catches his breath. He pushes himself up, grabs the radio and pushes the button to talk. His voice is surprisingly calm compared to the laughter from before.

"Hello... Tom, was it? I'm glad you are alive in spite of the circumstances. Not that I know you, but it's good people are alive, I think. Living is good."

He pauses and grins.

"There is one thing I must say though. I can hear your message loud and clear, but..."

He snickers again, and then clears his throat to finish the sentence.

"... I... I- I can't say I can read it!"

As he says the last word, he bursts out in laughter again.

The radio goes silent.

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Tom sits back and frowns at the responses. He responds briefly to Alina's broadcast by a simple "I..uh..should be fine, thank you." and then hears the crazy man respond. Christ, what kind of goofballs had tuned into this frequency while he was gone. "Read this." Its an expression!

He muttered grumpily while occassionally casting a nervous glance around himself.

And continuisly repeated his "Can any ranger hear this?" question in the hopes that someone would eventually answer.

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Gripping his radio tightly as he sat hunkered under a large pine tree, the bandana-clad ranger looked down at the rectangular box for a moment. He wasn't sure if he should answer, if it, any of it, was real. Could he be dreaming perhaps? If so, his mind was rather cruel. There was no way he could stop himself, however, from pressing down the button with his thumb and speaking.

"Chief. Mason Thompson of The Outpost Rangers. Boutros and Carib are confirmed alive. Fraser is rumored, Nathan and Amanda are safe last I checked. I haven't had--I haven't had any word from anyone else."

The words caught in his throat in a way he didn't intend. It took a lot not to let the welling emotions overtake him hearing his leader's voice again. Pressing the radio to his forehead, he took in a deep, shuddering breath before speaking again.

"Stay safe sir. I'm on the coast right now by Cherno. If you have somewhere you want to meet up I'll get there as soon as possible."

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*Jesse grabs his radio and turns it back on. He was never quite sure why it couldn't just keep the damn Falcon Radio channel saved when it was off, though he'd learn to deal with it by that point. At the time, there was just some random guy talking on the radio on whatever frequency it decided to tune to today, but Jesse soon realizes that it's a familiar voice, just one he hasn't heard in a while.*

"Wait a second, could that be true?" he asks himself.

*As he takes a seat, he checks over the radio to see what frequency it's on, and frantically digs around his backpack for his journal. It was a T.O.R. frequency, but he wasn't quite sure what to make of its sudden use.*

"Could they really be doing this?"

*He reaches for the radio to begin broadcasting, but as he clicks down the transmit button, no words come for him. An empty silence is broadcast across the waves instead of its usual static.*

"Damn, I wouldn't even know where to start..."

*Jesse starts scribbling in his notebook, leaving the radio frequency to play in the background.*

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"Tomeran" Says tired voice.

Only couple of days ago he wasn't sure if any of the rangers were alive and all of sudden he finds Mace and now hears chiefs voice again. He starts to laugh, just like that everything changes in couple of days.

"This is Boutros, I am at the coast too near Cherno. Any ideas about your position?"

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:: The Radio crackles to the words of Tomeran rattle in the forest. Its a ice cold night, with only the lights of a small campfire lighting the misty sky::

Rangers? The man mumbles, in a cold tone.

Ha...Its been a while since I've heard a group of people call themselves that... I would of thought that... Hm, degenerates... I find their lust to survive..entertaining..

:: The man reaches for his radio extending his rigged hand towards the light of the fire bringing the devise close to his mouth as he mumbles into it::

Andrei Cepitslavo here, man of rangers...

You seen to have a interesting name and a will to survive. I doubt you like being called your real name, the one your fathers gave you...:: He snickers into the radio as he takes a small breath::

Come now, it seems many look up to you, man of rangers... Maybe we might cross paths one day... But until then... Take care... Normal.

::He sides his thumb over the off switch slowly, taking his time and another huge deep breath before he stutters::

Lights out....Chernarus..

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Sitting bolt upright the bloodied Ranger stares at the old ham radio on the dashboard of the car, a look of pure shock and disbelief runs through his whole body as he sits listening to the events unfolding over the radio.

Slowly the look of shock fades from his face only to be replaced with a look of sheer joy. He hadn't been this happy in god knows how many years and this was exactly the kick the battered Ranger needed to get him back into the good fight.

Quickly and clumsily he reaches over the front seat of the car and reaches for the radio, almost dropping it in his excitement. He takes a few deep breathes before he slowly pushes down the PTT button.

*This is Fraser Martin reading you loud and clear chief!*

He leans back slightly and lets out a sigh of relief.

*I knew you wouldn't go down that easily, to damn stubborn to stay down* He chuckles slightly and continues on. * I've been looking for you ever since they took you... I tried to find you, I truly did... but no matter where I went all I managed to do was hit dead ends and tales of death.*

He looks down at his splinted leg and tightens the bindings.

*Myself and Carib are good to go, minus a few Broken bones... just give the word and I'll come hobbling to ya. Fraser Out.*

Slowly he leans forward and places the radio back on the dashboard all the while smirking to him self.

*The Rangers are back in town Carib*

with that he pats Carib on the shoulder and leans back into his seat, an unrelenting torrent of happiness flowing through his body.

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Curling up inside his tent, the fairly clear night allowed for a bit of star-gazing from the open flap near the campfire that had been set up to make sure he didn't wake up a macesicle. The ranger took his radio out and keyed in the frequency of The Outpost Rangers, taking a moment to think through what it was that needed to come out, and pressing down the button with the soft crackle of a transmission and the lapping of waves heralding his voice.

"The Outpost Rangers have resumed limited operation in Chernarus. We have taken on a few people, and will be discussing others that wish to wear the shield, but this message is to those out there who still live in fear, in uncertainty of what lies ahead: We will try to help you.

Humanity still exists, even if humans may choose not to show it sometimes. If you can hear this, and if you find yourself needing help, know that we don't come to you as a member of a group, or as someone from whom we wish to get something in return. We come to you as one human being aiding another in a time of crisis.

Hopefully you will see a bit more of us in coming days, though I hope it is just a chance coincidence and not because you require help. We will be out there, we will be attempting to bring some supplies around to assist others when I find my boat.

Look to the coasts, and look for the shield of The Outpost Rangers. No matter what emblem you wear on your arm, or what your enemies wear on theirs, we are all still human.

Sweet dreams Chernarus.

We're back."

He couldn't help but chuckle as his thumb released the button, the faintest trace of it caught in the last moment of the broadcast before being cut out abruptly. Making himself comfortable in the old tent he had thrown up to protect him from the elements, Mace adjusted his bandana and did the only thing that seemed appropriate with that kind of broadcast behind him. He began to hum The Boys are Back in Town while looking out at the night sky.

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Guest whitepointer

*Whilst laying down in a patch of grass, hoping to rest for the night, he began to hear a crackle from his radio that he used back when he was a ranger. He slowly moved his right arm towards his left pocket where the radio was kept, thinking within his mind that the radio was somewhat malfunctioning.

However when he had a grasp of the radio, he held the radio for some seconds before hearing the faint back and forth chatter of others, yet too faint for him to distinguish who it was.

After this, he began to think to himself for sometime..*

''Eh, do you think? No, I doubt it... Why am I even thinking about this? It's obviously just a couple of rundown shits that got their greedy hands on the radio... The day I find out the rangers have come back, is the day I begin to believe that I have something to fight for again.''

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