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Seaweed's Ban Appeal

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From Rolle through PM's

Yeah, that's a sticky situation. You -technically- stole the car from him, especially because he spawned it just before the incident. I don't agree with false report punishment though, the vehicle ownership is not defined in the rules and thus it cannot be determined whether you are KoS'd by the vehicle owner or someone completely different, so filing report after being KoS'd while taking an abandoned vehicle is only normal.

This is how I felt, I was KoS'd after learning it belonged to someone and returning it to them, they specifically told me they killed me because my gun raised when I exited the car as it always does.

Report in question: http://www.dayzrp.com/t-invalid-kos-east-of-prigorodki

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The ban holds Seaweed.

You stole the car and took the consequences, even if you didn't know it was his car.

Now relax on the reports and use the discussion forum for things like this in the future. Reporting things like this obviously isn't needed.

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