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Guest bobman235

new hunger/thirst?

new or ole hunger/thirst  

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Guest bobman235

now i haven't played dayzrp for a few weeks now and when i come back on im getting into it. but when i go to take a drink i notice that it dosent work like normal.

it only fills it up have way. now i know you know what im talking about so just want to ask.

do you guys like the new hunger/thirst or the regular dayz hunger/thirst?

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Guest Pandi


This has already been suggested before, that suggestion was closed as the developers are currently changing it around to make DayZRP more of a survivalist styled mod as Staggs said in the other thread, so I don't think the current food/drink system is set in stone.

I also suggest searching the forums using the search function which you can find in the below link before creating a thread like this:


It just helps keep the forums nice and tidy. :)


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