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110.0 - Exile's Personal Channel

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*As you are scanning through the open channels, you come across a message being broadcast by a young man. He has a lower tenor voice and an American accent, though he occasionally will say a word with a slightly English inflection.*

"My name is Exile, and I offer my services to whomever may be listening. If you need me to do an odd job, escort someone, inform on someone, find something, anything like that, I'll do it. I ask for payment on a case by case basis, and depending on who you are I may or may not help you at all. The easier the job and the more I trust you, the more likely I'll take a job, and maybe even offer you a discount."

"This message will repeat every 15 minutes. If you need anything, I'll be listening. Exile out."

*The radio cuts to silence again for the next fifteen minutes before the message repeats.*

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