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Guest Jerome Johnson

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Guest Jerome Johnson

Hey folks,

Just bought the game and downloaded the MOD DayZ. I haven't played yet or got it running but should after work today. I heard about your community from the forums over at MMORPG.COM and a couple fellows named dropped this white listed community.

I don't want to play with hackers and possibly lose everything that way.

I did some reading last night and found out the best way to avoid hackers is through joining a white listed community. Hence how I got here today.

I am sitting at work at the moment watching many videos and can't wait to jump into the thick of things. Any advice is welcomed but I am not afraid to get my feet wet by jumping right in to learn alone.

I am a 33 year old gamer, I am laid back, born Canadian, cigarette smoking, beer drinking, cat loving, cheese cake fan.

anyways I think that is enough for now... hope to hear from you all and look forward in gaming with your community.


-J.J. A.K.A (Double Jay)

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