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What time does the server reach its peak?

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Hey, I was just wondering what time does the server reach its peak amount of players seeing I am never awake to witness the server peak, because I am from Australia. I feel the need to wake up at the server peak time seeing that I only experience a max of 5 - 20 people on the server at once during my awake hours. It really does crumble the chances of myself encountering the true DayZRp experience, but hey... I guess I will have to wait until it hopefully gets popular again.

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Guest The Reverend

I would say around 21:00 server time.

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Yeah, I'd say around 1900 - 2100 Server time is the main peak where, especially on weekends, we have at least 40 players on the server, and if TP is open, then we almost always have 60 people solid.

There are a fair few Aussies and that who play on DayZRP at your timezone. And hopefully with the hotfix being released soon, activity will pick back up and we'd have an average of 30 at least across the timezones.


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