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124.42 - Kinship frequency

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Decker sits down, leaning against one of the railings, lifting the back of his right hand to his brow to wipe away some sweat. Since his breath is still laboured from the jog/run/hike to the dam, his other hand is holding the radio, putting off actually speaking into it.

Bloody hell. So many things keeping one active these days and jogging for half an hour still makes him drenched. That the uniform is warm and doesn't breathe very well doesn't help.

He finally brings the radio to bear, pressing the button.

"This is Dicey, speaking to any Kin in the area. I've moved north, just a few minutes worth of walking away from where the medics hold up." There's a pause. "Oh, and I remind everyone to use nicknames or callsigns, just in case someone is listening in. It's up to each one of you, I suppose, but there's no way to make sure no one else is patched into this frequency and I for one don't like that train of thought. Over'n out."

The button is released.

He, at least, wouldn't answer to Daniel or Decker. He only knew nicknames for a few of the others, though.. He'd have to ask about that. These things weigh his mind a little while he prepares his crossbow to go hunt.

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*Wakes up quickly at the sound of a transmission and pushes the empty bottles of vodka off his chest*

"Oh hay dicey....This is the Alexis, You said uh..Nicknames? What is mine? Ugh"

*Alexie lets out a really loud burp into radio*

"yep. Thats it. What is my name thingy for this bullshit"

*Alexie screams something in inaudible Russian and throws his radio then goes back to sleep on the floor*

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*Looking out of the tree line across night-time Berezino, Roland breaths a huge sigh of relief and despair in equal measure. He lights a smoke covering his head with his jacket to mask the light from who or what may be watching.*

"Hello any Kin within range, this is Murph....I think the batteries on this thing are running out....I'm in a safe area as I can be out here....I'm gonna save some juice and turn off my radio until I get to higher ground.....I'll check back in soon. Out."

*Twisting the dial on the radio to 'off' Roland cups his cigarette in his hands and takes a final draw before putting out. He wraps himself in a tarpaulin and rests his head on his backpack. Drifting off to sleep with nothing but the rustle of the trees in the wind for company.*

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Decker wipes his brow a little bit, having worked like a mule, toggling his radio.

"This is Dicey broadcasting to all Kin and whoever else is in the area listening in- We've been fortifying the factory to the east of Polana. To those of you who wonder if that means the place is ours and we can turn people away, -NO.- We do not turn people away if they wanna take a look around the rubble or have a chat with us.

To everyone else listening in, this is no military outpost or cache of rare guns and ammunition, it is just a camp for us to have a bit of a rest in. If you wanna come in and have a chat with us, you do so at your own risk. If you wanna come in and have a look if there's any parts or anything, feel free. We ain't anyone's enemies."

Decker sighs into the radio, still having it toggled. His mind is heavy with how endeavors like this have turned out fruitless and he lets go of the radio, not sure how long this will work out.

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Guest The Reverend

Antoanette hears familiar voices on the radio. She lets it boom for a while, whilst sitting with a sniper rifle on top of a tower. She has spent the last half-hour sitting there, watching the VIP through the scope. The boys were scattered around, but she was bored. Without tearing her eyes away from the VIP, she picks up the radio and speak with a broad smile

- Aw, it's you guys! It is so nice to hear you lot again, I feels like it was ages since I last saw you, even though it was yesterday... How was it? Sorry I had to leave, I had... business to do. Hope you forgive me, left without a notice. Did that man come back at any point? Because if he did, then I will for su-...

You don't hear any words after that, just a few quiet rifle shots. Then you hear Antoanette's voice and someone else laugh.

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Decker perks up a little when he hears a familiar voice on the radio. Sometimes that happened, someone would stumble on the frequency, changing over to listen in just as someone is talking. Luckily, it was someone he already knew. He responds to everything in kind, pausing in his diligent woodworking, warm and sweaty.

- Aw, it's you guys! It is so nice to hear you lot again, I feels like it was ages since I last saw you, even though it was yesterday... How was it?

"T'was enjoyable. Not counting the communist preaching about his ideals that don't really matter anymore."

He bangs on a few nails while he gives her time to respond.

Sorry I had to leave, I had... business to do. Hope you forgive me, left without a notice.

"It's fine. We all have stuff to do sometimes."

Did that man come back at any point? Because if he did, then I will for su-...

Decker pauses as it cuts off, followed by shots and laughter. Then he picks back up.

"Hah, no. Not before we moved out at any point, who knows by now? Borderline harassment, it was. If we're fortunate he ran into someone less friendly?"

He resumes his woodworking, adding cross-beams to the wood wall to strengthen it in preparation for the platform and ladder. His radio acts up during this, having enough time to transmit a few whacks before it stops, and he mutters about having to find a new one.

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"To any Kin in the area," Decker begins like always. "We might have to meet up to discuss what to do with the factory. It seems to attract too much of the wrong kind of attention. At a glance it might even look militaristic? In other words, we'll have to talk about maybe moving out and finding a new place."

He pauses, like he does when there's things on his mind. "Mention this to me next time you see me and I'll explain in greater detail." With that, he stops transmitting and gets on his way to scavenge.

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Roland takes the batteries out of his pocket with a blood soaked hand, shaking as he tries to fit them into the radio set. They slip from his fingers, he wipes his hands on his trousers and manages to fit them. He takes a quick look down the hall then out of the window, scanning the area for movement and listens carefully.

Surrounded by an uneasy silence, the sound of his own heartbeat ringing in his ears, he leans against the wall, thumbs the pressel and tries to whisper.

"Hello, any Kin within range. This is Murph, radio check, over." He waits anxiously for a reply.

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Sat resting in Solace, Decker hears the transmission. He perks up and reaches down to cup a hand over the radio pouch of his uniform. Having a headset and a radio pouch made communicating rather hassle free.

"Aye, Dicey hears you, crystal clear," he speaks in his usual tone of voice. Noone else is with him at the time, so he's sat alone, able to talk freely without anyone listening in, while watching the happenings inside Solace. "Something on your mind?"

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