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Drew Welkins

Pleas help

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Hello I'm trying to fill out my application and I can't find the passphrase anywhere, I was wondering if I was reading the wrong thing so if someone could send me a link to the page were I would be able to find the passphrase or give me some tips to find it would be appreciative

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you'll find the pass phrase within the Rules, It has been placed there to ensure all rules are read fully and not "skimmed"

As far as help goes no one can tell you the pass-phrase or give you an idea as to what section of the rules its in,

try re-reading them until you find it.

Good Luck with your whitelist

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Read it aloud to yourself a few times, if that still doesn't help take a break and come back in an hour and reread it aloud again, it is there and you'll smile when you find it. Good luck with your app!

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Moving to questions and solving.

We cannot help you, read the rules thoroughly, you'll find it eventually. Re-reading out loud has helped loads of people, maybe it'll do the same for you. Good luck!

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