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[Backstory] Doctor Yaroslav Tomchak

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5 years before DayZ

"Police! On the ground motherfucker! Hands on your neck, you have the right to remain silent! Fucking scum, we're taking you in!"

Doctor didn't even struggle, that was no use. 6 men in black police combat suits, automatic weaponry... After they cuffed him, a sole word sounded in the darkened room of his house.

"Kurwa mac", said the Doctor...

7 days before DayZ

"Warden! Wardeeeen!" Doctor screamed.


-Did you see what's happening in Chernarus?

-You mean that plague? Yeah, they're locking the place down, sending army and medic corps down there.

-Can I speak with my parole officer...?


*sound of recording starting* This is field journal of Dr Yaroslav Tomchak, day 1. I succesfully switched my sentence to a "humanitary mission in a friendly country", and that's a good thing. The bad thing is, I have never seen people in state like this, and trust me, as a anaesthetist, I've seen people under a lot of circumstances. Infected patients seem to be acting as they're rabid, attacking anyone and anything they see. Don't know about the animals yet, have to run some more tests. Doctor Tomchak, signing off.

1 day after DayZ

*recorder seems to run for quite a while, though no voice can be heard. Some distans shots, sometime a scream. After a while...*

This is Dr Yaroslav Tomchak, second day entry. I was transferred to a base near the coast, Balota I think. We got a shitload of patients, wounded soldiers, civilians, they keep pouring in. I never had so much work in my life. I'm making this entry on a CIGARETTE BREAK, jesus. But at this rate, it will be over soon, in my opinion. How many infections can there be, after all?

3 days after DayZ

*Recorder starts* This shit is getting serious. I've seen whole patrol getting overrun just 500 m from the base! Base commander changed the orders, now the soldiers are to be treating the infected as ENEMY FORCE not the civilians, as before. I can't blame him, although I don't really understand what's going on. Worse thing is, we couldn't even bury them, nothing left of them, or that's what they say. We had an emergency drill in the middle of the night, one of the nurses said that 2 or 3 patients turned out to be infected, and soldiers shot them down.

Our Father,

Who art in Heaven;

Hallowed be Thy name;

*recording ends*

4 days after DayZ

*Recording starts, there can be some groans and screams heard*

This is Doctor Tomchak, reporting series of tests on subject referred now to as Patient Zero (americans and their naming...). There is doctor Chakraworthy as main surgeon, and sister Ivanova as help. Privates Smith and Tourtois are here to ensure our safety. Nurse,please make sure that the restraints can hold.*Some Subject seems to be in some kind of trance, like rabid or rage, unable to make contact. Body temperature is elevated, up to 42 degrees celsius. There seems to be some sort of cataract on subject eyes, although we are not sure what it is. Rajesh, note to make tests on that. It doesn't seem to impair *his* vision. Patient is making growling and snarling noises, everytime and all the time he sees another human being. Animals doesn't seem to provoke that reaction. *Series of tests can be heard, doctors voice narrating them all* Subject have very short attention span and the long-term memory is non-existant. When we left the room for a break, subject "calmed" himself in about 10 seconds. *Test sounds and voice entries continue...*

This was a long day, and I have come to one conclusion: I do not know what this infection is, nor what people that are infected become. But I am sure with this: They are not human anymore. The process cannot be reverted, they don't retain any sort of knowledge of their former lives, and don't have any long-term memory, so behaviorisation is impossible.

Now I understand the base commanders decision.

Doctor Tomchak, signing off.

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Colleague, please continue in your efforts. We must understand this threat. As Confucius said, "Real knowledge is to know the extent of one's ignorance." and for far too long we have dismissed the Zed's as only a minor problem.

They seem to be changing the way they think and react to us survivors now.

I hope you persist in your studies. For all our sakes...

[[Cool story mate, keep em coming]]

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5 days after DayZ

*Recording starts again, heavy inhaling can be heard* I am starting to be afraid of this plague as much as I'm curious about it. I have completely no idea where it originated, but it doesn't look natural to me. It's just too... complex, too well-considered to say

at least. I may not be the best doctor there is,but I'm not an idiot. Someone made this, mark my words. I think it's the government, or the military, it's always them.

Question is, which one of them? And, for the love of God, why?

6 days after DayZ

*Recording goes silent for some time, then a man starts talking calmly* The situation is getting out of hand, we are going to be evacuated out of Balota. They said we're getting off the mainland, and go to some sort of secure military instalation on an island or something like that. I don't care, I have sedated myself with morphine as the situation required for me to have a steady hand and a calm mind. I have also synthesized some lysergic acid diethylamide for future use, and tested it as well. We'll see where this ends.

9 days after DayZ

*recording starts, capturing the sound of engine* This is Dr Tomchak, reporting from the deck of US Army PBX. I managed to grab it and make a run for it when Balota got overrun.

But, first things first. Last days were days of both intensive and extensive testing, as we tried to learn as much about the infection as its humanly possible.

Our experiments provided some interesting results. Generally speaking, good luck trying to survive on the

mainland. Why is that? Where's that damn file...*recording ends*

*New recording starts* The infected organism seems to draw a analogy for bat immune system, being able to carry million different diseases and not get affected by any. So even remaining in the vicinity of infected person, could be potentially lethal.

Apart from that, specimen is in a permanent "battle-rage" being able to overcome usual human limitations,as with strychnine poisoning. We need to advise the soldiers to NEVER underestimate the infected, as even a small-framed person could easily break his ribs with one punch. Combined with tremendous amount of aggresion, this can really be lethal.

Good news everyone, as the virus cannot grow to its full form while in a body of a child. Their symptoms are similiar of flu, that means coughing, fluid in lungs, and high fever leading to death. Anyone before puberty should be experiencing the "Stage 1" only. *Recording ends*

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Doctor are you certain?

My youngest was seven at the time of the outbreak. If your research does prove to be correct then I left her to die when I assumed she had already turned into one of the monsters...

Maybe this is good news for me. I don't know... Time will tell, at least if I can find her body.

There will be even more difficult conclusions from your research Yaroslav, they will prove necessary soon enough.

[[Another good read :)]]

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I wouldn't consider it "left to die". From the moment of exposure death occurs in less than 72 hours, no matter what medicine has been injected, the pre-pubescent subject dies. So if you are positive that the exposure has happened, then you had no choice.

((Thanks man, gonna update it next week))

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Hmm doctor. Seem that those who have been exposed to the virus can be cured or at least the virus is delayed by quickly administraiting whole package of common antibiotics. Have hou researched this? Maybe it is a way to stop the infection from spreading?

(Nice story brw ;) )

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Hmm doctor. Seem that those who have been exposed to the virus can be cured or at least the virus is delayed by quickly administraiting whole package of common antibiotics. Have hou researched this? Maybe it is a way to stop the infection from spreading?

(Nice story brw ;) )


So she could have been saved? What is the factor of dosage?

Surely the antibiotics only prevent the subsequent microbial infection following on from the virus? Does that mean that there is a symbiotic relationship between the virus and the bacterium? This will need to be investigated to see if one can prevent the virus from taking hold by treating the bacterial infection that follows.

Or does the bacterium act as the vector for the virus?

Gah this is not my field of expertise...

Surely if there even is a bacterium involved or does the virus simply just react negatively to the presence of antibiotics which cannot be possible... Unless in high doses.

This is either the ramblings of a mad man or we are experiencing a change that defies modern conventions of medicine.

[[Damn you Jukki :D]]

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Mr Jukki, let me explain.

As you can see from my recordings, the immune system of a carrier works same way as bats, but it happens AFTER the viral infection. So all the bacteria are like squatters in a building cleared by army. Sure, you can burn them out with flamers, you can use all the fuel you want, but it still doesn't hurt the army, if you know what I mean. There is no symbiosis between the virus and anything else. Summing it up, yes you can give antibiotics, of course we tried it, but it only postpones the inevitable, and not for long enough to be considered a viable option.

And please, doctor SumoS is already a bit on the edge, I don't think giving him any more emotional trauma is advised.

((Thanks Jukki :D))

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  • 3 weeks later...

10 days after DayZ

*recording starts, faint sounds of sea and seagulls can be heard*

Sweet mother of mercy, no one told me that they could fucking swim! I suspected that they really DO maintain some more advanced motor functions, but to that level...? Kurwa.

Anyway, long story short, I was trying to dock in the city of Chernogorsk, to get some food, I ate the last MRE I had, so it was time.

I was spotted by one of the infected, who then, to my utmost surprise, sprinted, jumped into the water, and started to swim at my boat.

And yes, Murphy was watching me that day. The engine didn't start.

What could I do, I just*Recording stops, some growling can be heard*

11 days after DayZ

My god, I'm so scared. I didn't eat anything in 3 days. I'm hungry, scared, and, most importantly, I'm alone. Only the infected around me. I don't know if I can risk recording this journal. They may hear me.

*sound of inhaling* At least I found some cigs here. Here, that is the churchs bell tower. The infected pretty much ignore the sound of the bell, and from what I see, it is automatic, to ring at specific time. But, if they ignore it, that would mean, they CAN be trained. Some behaviours probably could be induced. Jesus, I'm talking thrash again.

13 days after DayZ

This morning I managed to get outside, when it was just dawning. The infected seem to suffer from night-blindness, as they seem to be almost completely blind, especially at seeing figures, at dawn and dusk. I'm gonna make this my chance. I can't die. Not in a shithole like this.

16 days after DayZ

*recording starts, sound of crying can be heard* I don't know how I can go through this. I just, don't know how *recording ends*

20 days after DayZ

*Recording starts, sound of bird singing can be heard*

This is Doctor Yaroslav Tomchak, field journal, 20 days after the outbreak. I finally managed to get out of the city. I just, ran. I dont know how, or when. All I remember was just the sole act of running. Then, I woke up here, in the middle of a goddamn forest. But it's peaceful here. *recording ends*

((Best when combined with:


21 days after DayZ

*recording starts, almost complete silence in the background, only a sound of fire can be heard* Tomchak again. I made a "lucky" find. I found an infected individual at the lake, looked like he broke his neck falling from the shore. It gave me a rare opportunity to make an autopsy.

I dragged him into a shack, and strapped with my belt to the chair. After searching for any vitals, I decided to put him on the ground for the dissection.

Apparently, the smell of the body dragged some other infected that were wandering around. I managed to lock the doors, and bar them with the chair. After some seconds, as expected, they started to wander again, completely forgotting about my existence. They stood around unfortunately, still being drawn by the scent.

22 days after DayZ

The autopsy went better then expected, although having only a razor and some scissors for tools didn't help.

What I did learn by this:

-They have every infection humanly possible, even fungal infection in almost every area of the body. Bacterial and viral as well. My opinion: Single specimen isn't going to live long. But if his body manage to overcome and not get killed by those? No idea, but it's a possibility.

Secondly: Their vocal cords are almost in total decay, even if an infected tried to communicate, it would be impossible to produce anything more complicated than a growl, like dogs or chimpanzees.

And I saved best for last: From what I saw, I think they are actually a lot more fragile than a healthy human being.

Their body is constantly pushed to the limit, there is a price for it. It is much more easily wounded, and all the infections completely stop any sort of healing process. The infected may not die from a gunshot for example, but if it don't kill it instantly, he's gonna walk it off.

But at the structural level, their body is much more vulnerable. Yay, good news.

Tomchak, signing off.*recording ends*

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  • 4 weeks later...

Midnight, 36 days after DayZ

*recording starts, screams can be heard*

I think this is it. I have been captured by Somalian pirates. They already executed one guy. He was a fucking russian, so I would shake his killers hand if that wasnt Stockholm syndrome at its finest...

Anyway, I'm so fucked up with Vicodin I can barely see, but at least I'm calm.

One of the nigros said a funny thing that made me wonder: "He would throw you under the bus if that would meant he survives".

What a load of crap. Being a true medic, is not only about medical know-how, or proper tools. It is a state of mind, in which one is willing to sacrifice himself for the good of others.

*Loud voices, scream "NEXT ONE! CHOOSE THE NEXT ONE!"

Well, I guess this is my stop. Dr Tomchak, signing off *sound of a man standing up*

Hey, I'll do it!

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