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Chris Farley

Can't use launcher nor download the newest patch. [HELP]

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So I have this error firing off when I try to join Server Via: Launcher.


And this one when I try to go and download the newest patch via: Google.


This can be marked as solved. I have figured out the issues. Thanks anyways, boys!

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Here's some solutions for you mate,

For the download, I need you to disable your firewall so it doesn't interfere with the files as they're downloading. This will make the next step easier for you;

Try the other two download links and make sure they're the manual install files so you don't have any common issues you get when using the installer or launcher to update to the latest patch. I personally use Mega to download and I've never had an issue, so give that a go.



Do this Step by step


You will have to right click both Arma 2 to and Arma 2 operation arrowhead to select the properties.

>Go To Steam Library

>Right click Arma 2 : OA Select properties go to beta's

>Set Arma 2 : OA to 1.62

>Verify Arma and Arma 2 : OA game cache

>It will come up saying that Arma 2 isn't found.

>Launch Arma 2

>Re-Open DayZRP Launcher

>Down-Grade to the non latest patch

>Start Playing

This quote was taken from this thread, however we have updated to the latest ArmA 2 beta patch which from memory is 1.63, and I'm unsure if this fix is still working. Best to try it out anyway.

To make sure you have the latest beta patch which can be found by going into your ArmA 2: OA properties on Steam, I'll put some pictures for you if you get stuck.


> Right click on your ArmA2: OA


> Click on Properties


> Enter the 'Beta' tab and select the option 'beta -'

Once your manual files have downloaded (hopefully my top suggestion fixes your issue) you can just drag and drop it into your ArmA2: OA directory, found in your files by doing this; C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\arma 2 operation arrowhead

Edit: Let me know how it goes!

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Everything was golden as far as properties the launcher just wasn't updating is correctly, and I needed to re-download some corrupt files. I haven't played in nearly a month simply because it's been doing this, and I've been to lazy to try and find the issues. All done now, and have been back in server! :D All is well.

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/solving, quick and very informative response from tyrone :)

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/solving, quick and very informative response from tyrone :)

Thank you, my friend. Yes indeed it was!

One of the best parts of these servers is such a great community!

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