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Down and Out in Chernarus

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Chernarus was one of those countries. The kind of place that may as well have been officially known as "The Former Soviet Republic of Chernarus". It was so Eastern European, it was almost like it had to reach around the world just to graze the West.

And in a sense, that's all it ever did - graze the West. A whisper in the back pages of a second-rate newspaper was about as much as it could ever hope for when it came to mentions in the news. An infection? A pandemic? A civil war? Or was it a revoltion? Who cares. They're always killing other people over there. Must be ethnic cleansing. No, that's the Balkans. Yeah, it's in the Balkans. No it isn't. Wait, where are we talking about again?

Chernarus was one of those countries.

And all I wanted was to be in one of those countries.

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