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Blood Types

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Can someone clarify blood type compatibility in game?

I've been following the DayZ SA guide available here - http://dayz.gamepedia.com/Blood_type

That chart follows the same standards used in RL, but I'd like to clarify if that's still true in game.

Also is the compatibility the same between Blood Bags and Whole Blood?

I recently had an AB+ recipient (universal recipient, so any blood should work) who passed out after using an A- Whole Blood bag. Trying to determine if this is a bug or if I'm misunderstanding how DayZRP has implemented blood types.


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Here is a useful thread: http://www.dayzrp.com/t-how-to-read-your-blood-type

Also, if you click on the blood bag it will label other compatible blood types.

The SA version may be slightly different.

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Thanks Hatch. Based on that thread, the SA link seems to be the same info. So in this case...

AB+ can receive A+, A-, B+, B-, AB+, AB-, O+ and O-

My patient (AB+) should have had no issues receiving a A- Whole Blood donation. I'll add this to the bug list I guess.

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Perhaps it is a bug. I think I heard something about certain blood bags making you pass out or something; however, I haven't play around with the blood so much this recent patch.

I'll mark this thread as solved as you'll get an answer from a Dev in your bug report :thumbsup:


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