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Guest The Reverend

The Church - Bible WIP

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Guest The Reverend


Listen, Chernarus, listen to what I tell you. To the words that come out of my mouth, to the words that come out of the Bible, to the words that come out of God. Listen.

- On Monday Jesus saw the evil that was this world. He saw the destruction and the horror that we have brought with science and wars. He saw the blood and tears that this world has inside it, the earths core soaked with death and fear. Jesus closed his eyes and prayed to his Father, the only God there is and will be. -

- On Tuesday Jesus went to his Father. Jesus showed his Father what has been happening down on the Earth, whilst they were busy. And Father was horrified with his doings. His children killed and cut one another, backstabbing friends and raping women. Our God the Father was crying. And with every drop of his a storm started, crushing trees and melting buildings.

- On Wednesday God stopped crying. He was angry with himself, he was angry with what he has done. He sent his son, Jesus to save the world and stop the destruction. But he did not want the same people to rise again, to fight and kill one another. So he came down to the Devil, and told him to release his beasts. And so the undead came, rushing trough the forests, coming from the seas and breaking out of stones. They killed and slaughtered any man or woman they've come by.

- On Thursday, after most of the people were dead, or wandering around dirty and rotten, God decided that this was enough. He came down to the Devil and told him to stop, and take his beasts back. But the Devil refused. He was laughing at God, telling him that he is a fool. And God in his fury shook the earth, waking up other monsters.

- On Friday, God decided that the men themselves would have to fight. He took the skin of a man, and appeared to a priest. " You shall preach to these people, and lead them out of the darkness into light " he told the man, and left.

Story Of A Survivor

One night, a lone survivor was walking through the cold, abandoned streets of Chernogorsk. He was cold, he was tired and scared. Fear filled him from head to toes, trying to burst out. The man kept on walking, until he saw a light. In a building, he saw three men and a woman, laughing and smiling at each other. The survivor smiled, and with the last push of his energy ran towards the house, and burst through the doors.

- Who are you? -

said one of them, and pointed a rifle at him

- My name is John - said the survivor, trying to catch his breath.

John knelt down and asked the others for food. The others smiled at each other, and walked towards John with a can. Suddenly, one of them yanked the can out of the other's hand and smashed John on the head with it. John fell to the floor, screaming in pain as the rest kept on beating him. Blood mixed with tears was all over the floor, but the bandits just kept laughing.

Out of the blue, a bullet wizzed past John's ear and struck into a bandits leg. The bandit fell to the ground, howling in pain and shouting insults into the ceiling. Other bullets came by, and the two other men were screaming in torment. The woman stared into the darkness, with a mortified face, and started backing up, into the corner of a building.

Through the doors of the building came three men. Two of them were wearing camouflage, with guns pointing at the bandits on the floor. But the man in the middle was the one John stared at. The man was dressed in black robes, with round glasses, behind which clever and warm eyes could be seen. He looked at John, smiled and walked towards the woman.

The woman kept on staring at him, but when the man got close, she spat in his direction and screamed

Suka, who the hell are you?

But the man only smiled, and replied to her:-The tongue has the power of life and death, and those who love it will eat its fruit. You have just chosen your destiny. You two! - He looked back at his guards - Take her to the Church, and show her to Father Joseph. I have faith in her.-

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Guest The Reverend

Updated. There will be more stories in this.

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