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Hello, my dear friends.

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I'm Ivan, a (hopeful) newcomer to the Day-Z RP experience. I'd figured I'd give this a try after I finally got burnt out from normal Day-Z. Since SA is unfinished, and mod is only KoS now, I figured this would be a nice change in pace.

Admittedly, it's quite nice to meet you all, and I hope to make some new friends, enemies, and otherwise nice experiences past this point in time.

I'll try my best not to be an asshat, and regard any advice I can get from the veterans, for sure.

Thank you for accepting me into your community, and so forth. Hope to see you guys out at the trading posts, or in the fields.

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Guest Biggie

Hello and welcome to the community! :)

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I'll be sure to try and enjoy my stay here. Hopefully, the community is as good as I hear it is. Hope to see you out there soon, when my app is reviewed.

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