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FPS so bad

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Hi there, I have experienced, that the fps are so freaking low. I can change my graphics-settings on the lowest settings and nothing changes. On medium-settings I usualy have 25-30fps on other servers. anando said the server has a custum viewdistance, is there anything to do to improve the fps?

greetings Aleks

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You generally have less FPS on DayZRP because we have increased view distance to 2500-3000m (800-1500m in unmodded DayZ). So if you were struggling in the vanilla DayZ it will be unplayable here on DayZRP. I have also noticed FPS drops with the latest patch, hopefully that will be resolved soon.

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Isn't it possible to scale up the span instead of forcing this option? (sorry when this sounds silly, I have no clue of how to programm software or mods)

Now when I think about it again, it was better before the update.

3rd Edit: I generally thought of replacing my videocard. Now I have a GTS 250. How awesome would be my framerate with a GTX 650?

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DayZ/ARMA is a Hard drive and CPU dependent game. Meaning you'll see better frames by upgrading to a SSD rather than a small upgrade of your GPU.

Don't get me wrong, your card needs to be upgraded in you want to play any new game decently, but as for Arma, I think you'd see a bigger frame increase by getting a SSD and then running the game off of the SSD.

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