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I wanna go DayZ.

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Ok I now took the time too read the application, I missed out on that before writing here. Sorry about that.

I want to join so I will see it thru, just found this site and server so I got a bit eager to write.

I just hope there is room for me when i got the Whitelisting done.

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Hello Pretext!

The servers has a maximum limit but if case that they get maxed out alot they have another server standing ready so that people will still be able to play! And don't worry your character's gear will transfer to the other server should that be necessary.

Yes I can understand! To get a better understanding on the server I would recommend that you read the rules a few extra times to avoid any unnecessary misunderstandings. There's also a great guide for your first day at DayZ RP, I will give you the link below!

Good luck on your application and welcome to the DayZ RP community!


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