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The story of Nikolay Milyotrev.

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My name is Nikolay Milyotrev.

I was born in Oktyabrsky on the 3rd of November 1971. I was born into a poor family and for years we lived far below the poverty line. I went to a small school on the outskirts of my home town of Oktyabrsky, the teachers were very stern but it helped me study. I was shipped off to Moscow in 1989 at the age of 18 to enlist in the 'glorious' Voyenno-Vozdushnye Sily (The Soviet Military Air Forces). I began my career in the armed forces as a transport helicopter pilot in Leningrad's military district. During the collapse of the Soviet Union I was reevaluated and my scores proved high enough for me to be promoted into an attack chopper pilot training school. After swiftly graduating at the top of my class I was deployed to the Transcaucasian Military District in Dagestan. My units first assignment was running medical evacuation routes during the conflict in Chechnya in 1991. Not long after I was given orders from my CO for my first combat mission. We were ordered to carry out attacks on positions that were concealing a Chechen terrorist cells. I was young, stupid and extremely tired so I strayed away from the planned flight path detailed in my orders because I thought this decision would enable me to get back to camp faster. My stubbornness earned me a few 23 mm round shaped holes in my tail from the ZU-23-2 hidden in the treeline. After hiding from the Chechen patrols for a few days my radio transmissions were picked up by a friendly reconnaissance unit operating in the area. On my slow 953 meter descent from the fiery wreckage of my Mil Mi-24 I caught some stray shrapnel in my upper thigh. My co-pilot did not share my fate. I managed to heal my wound temporarily until my rescue. When I made it back I was admitted to a field hospital for a couple of months. By the time I recovered my services were no longer needed for the war was coming to a close. I was honorably discharged and given the Cross of St. George and was sent on my way back home to Oktyabrsky. I worked as a private security representative for one of an oil company's top executives until the age of 27. After I quit my job I had decided to settle down in Miroslav'l the second biggest city in the Ex-Soviet Republic of Chernarus. While on a buisness trip to Chernogorsk I was caught up in the middle of something horrible, something even worse than my days in Chechnya... It seemed like some sort of biological virus but to this day we still don't know exactly what it is.....

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