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90.09 - Open SOBR Frequency

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Privét Tovarichs!

This is Leytenánt Zakharchenko of the Spetsial'nye Otryady Bystrogo Reagirovaniya.

As of today, I declare martial law on the city of Chernogorsk.

For too long the convicts of the Block have taken the city of Chernogorsk as their own personal playground, charging for entrance and being disrespectful to those whom get near it.

This is... unacceptable. No longer shall Chernogorsk be gripped with the tyranny of evil men.

You will not wander the streets between the times of 8:30 PM and 6 AM the next morning. Only full qualified medical practitioners and those with written permission of SOBR will be permitted!

All person other than members of SOBR forces or police, or acting in the aid of said forces, who are seen carrying arms, are liable to be fired upon by the military without warning.

You shall give all information in your possession about the whereabouts of arms, ammunition or explosives to the nearest military authority.

All persons are warned to stay clear of areas in which military operations are currently taking place. Said people that enter such areas do so at their own risk.

You have all been warned and advised.

Look for the posters plastered onto every wall and lamppost inside the city.

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*Feliks is flicking through frequency's when he hears the words "Martial Law". Feliks takes out a small notebook and begins to write down everything that the man is saying. After noting everything down, you hear a faint voice*

We will see you there.

Slava Na CRA

*The faint voice comes to a stop and static begins*

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*Eugene hears the transmision*

This is Eugene Anderson, shit is about to hit the fan as i understand. I'm a war reporter and photographer, i'm looking to make a let's say...informative radio/newspaper to keep survivors updated with what's happening around their country. Could we meet somewhere? I know that it might be hell on earth...well...kind of a way of saying so since it's hell on earth already... But if blood will shed today...it's my job to inform people about it...

*The transmission stops and only static can be heard*

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*Ivan tunes his radio into the newly acquired frequency*

Privét Leytenánt! This is Private Ivan Sergeyevich Davydov call sign Bear reporting in under orders from Generál Sadovsky. I was part of the original SOBR team deployed to Chernarus to keep order during the initial outbreak, I have now embedded with the newly arrived force. The Generál suggested that we corroborate intelligence in case the old team has any new information Moscow is not aware of. Bear out.

*Ivan switches off his Radio and gives out a deep sigh*

"Well I've introduced myself to the boss now, better find the others. I wonder what is for supper?"

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Guest ArcticStarling

*Ed picks up his radio*

"u wot"

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*Paddy Turns on his radio* *Tunes it the SOBR frequency*

"Hello Lt. Shit Stain, If you don't take you and your shitty men and directives out of Chernogorsk we will harm every Russian Citizen that walks on Chernarus if you fail to do it we will keep harming your "Beautiful People Of The Morther Shit Land".

*You hear a man in the background pleading for his life*

"Kevin shoot that Russian scum"

*You hear a gun shot and then he laughs*

*Paddy Screams*


*Radio Turns Off*

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*After letting out a long sigh, filled with the strong stench of cigarette tobacco, Egor picks up his radio and keys it*

"What is English saying.......oh da....'Game on'.

*Egor puts the cigarette back into his mouth, and continues nursing a few bullet holes in his legs*

"Woman, clean the guns, and bring me more vodka. I am going to have to kill more criminals."

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*Dobromil overhears what he believes to be filthy Russians speaking over some random frequency*

Oi! You dogs come into our lands thinking to bring back atheistic Soviet Union! I don't think so! You carry your own agendas and turn man against man! The Front will see you riggling on the end of our bayonet points! How dare you try and swallow up these lands! And for what? At what cost? How many innocent people have you killed? I spit on all Russians! You lot are the incarnate of the devil himself! We shall meet on the battlefield and the glorious Front will end you, burry you in a shallow grave, and let wild boar rummage your entrails! Until next we meet, have nice day DogPig!

*Dobromil breaks radio in anger*

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Guest Likurja

*Dimitri turns his radio on and listens to the three transmissions*

*He lets out a sarcastic laugh while he turns his radio off*

Это будет весело.

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*As he is cleaning the single parts of his AK-74, the radio in front of him, laying on the table switches from silent radio static to some guy talking a two short words*

*Yakov smirks, picks up the small microphone and starts speaking into it*

"Sto, tovarishch?"

*The radio returns to the silent static noise and Yakov continues to clean the parts with a slight smile on his face*

*As Yakov sits on the chair next to the radio once again listens to the talk between his fellows and the others he leans back and takes a sip of his self made tea*

*he laughs and says to himself*

Ayy... Good, I just finished cleaning Kashtan...

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*Alexis hears the radio and sighs as he pushs down the button to talk*

"I am Starshiná Alexis Naryshkin of the Russian Federation, I hear you loud and clear and you have my full support, If it is all acceptable Leytenánt Zakharchenko I'd like to have audience with you.."

*Alexis coughs into his radio gently*

"Excuse me, As I was sayings, You may pick the time and place...I look forwards to our meeting. That is all. Over and out"

*Alexis places the radio back into its holder and runs off to change into his combat fatigues*

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*Alexandr is sitting by a fire when he notices all the commotion on his radio that is tuned into the open frequency and sits there listening intently for a few minutes whilst finishing off the can of beans he cooked up for dinner*

So what you say is, you are not willing to follow and abide by martial law we have so kindly put in place on your precious little Chernogorsk? When you try to oppose the law we put in place in past we put you down like what people do to rabid or sick animal.

The death your little group of pathetic little criminals have faced so far has been a mercy. We will not and will never take kindly to rebels or terrorists who claim city as own. Maybe this time I not give you criminals sweet mercy of bullet through head. Maybe we make slow. Da, we will make it slow or maybe we put you in prison camp. Trust me when I say this moy drug, prison camp is last place anyone in world want to be.

As for the rest of you misinformed simpleton natives jumping into our radio frequency trying to promote your silly hate of russians. Let me assure you, your idle threats will not be taken kindly to.

Mládshiy Serzhánt Veselovsky out.

*Alexandr switches his radio's frequency from the SOBR open one*

*He lets out a deep sigh*

I wonder if they will ever learn.

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*Sten is sitting in his dark and isolated locked room, he had been torturing the Russian man for days and had just started to hack the lifeless body into pieces*

*He then hears the radio transmission and stops for a little while...listening closely to the words being spoken*

*after the message ends he says with a grin*

"Heh...more fresh meat..."

*Sten then continues hacking away, piece by piece*

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