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TheKid's Frequency : 129.45 (Open Comms)

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*Vitalik starts fiddling with his radio a bit and then some buzzing noising can be heard over the frequency*

Hello ? This is Vitalik or.. usually people call me a Kid or TheKid.. I know this is an odd question for you if are hearing this.. Is there any other kids left around.. It get's lonely with all these aldults.. They keep talking about battles, guns and a lot of more subjects which just doesn't seem fun to me..

I haven't got anything else to say but.. If you're a kid I guess.. Maybe we can meet ?

*Vitalik put the radio down but not turn it off*

I swear.. I think I am the last child left in the world.. It's gets damn lonely and scary.. So many people killing eachother.. I don't know if it's just cause I am a kid.. but really always fighting over something huh..

Better start fixing the guns.. Don't want the others to be dissapointed at me... they might kick me out.. or worst.. I guess..

*You can hear a tent zipping up and then just static*

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*Vitaliks picks up his radio sitting in the woods overwatching Stary Sobor*

You know? I sometimes wonder if anyone can hear me on this.. When it involvs my friends they always answer but when it's different frequencies.. I just hear silence..

I know that there is people in the world left.. I've seen the SOBR and SVR in Stary a few minutes ago.. They made a fire in the open field and then went into the barn and just vanished.. Must of left from behind..

Then an hour later I see random survivors finding supplies and running away.. Sadly one shot the other and an infected killed the shooter.. What has our world come to.. to be doing this.

Then another hour later I see those block 17 people.. The block people.. I think they held someone at gun point but can't be sure.. I was so far away..

My friends seem not to like the SVR.. I don't know why honestly.. They are the Russian army or just Russian brothers to me.. If only I could meet them.. But they are always in the military areas or just the dangerous areas around Chernarus..

*Loud gun shots from different angles can be heard*

Huhs.. That's all I hear these days just shooting.. Why can't there be good people.. Just the evil, rude and greedy.. Well.. I hope that if anyone hears this... Will answer?

*With more gun shots the radios goes static*

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