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The death of Tim Titov

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Tim stood infront of this two survivors and looked into the sky. He felt sick.


"Please...kill me, I feel sick, I have no power any longer"

"This will be my last words in these wastelands", said Tim. "I saw many people diyng. People got killed for weapons and supplies and other got killed for religions. But I will die now. I couldn´t find my old comrades here in these lands. But I hope they are safe."

*a tear pulled down of his face*

"I will respect this country. I hope, there will be a better place in the future. A place, where people are don´t killing each other. I met Chernarussiand, Russians, Germans, Americans, Ukrainians, Africans and many other cultures here."

*Tim can hear his heart beatting very loud. He feels like his blood flows through his veins*

"I hope, the people are not killing each other, there are helping each other, because I only saw bravely Chernarussians. There are not...criminals. There are proud to be Chernarussians. But I hope, my comrades are safe... I hope. I will join the stars now. I hope, god will forsake me."

*a last tear is pulling off his eye*

*the both other men in front of Tim are showing him respect with their words, and then...a last gunshot rings through the air of Stary Sobor*

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