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The Story of RedCoat Bus Travel

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// After coming back for the fourth time, I've found that RP has never been so strictly enforced, nor the lore surrounding DayZRP taken so seriously - as it is now. When RedCoat Bus Travel was formed in 2012, there was no official lore, no real roleplaying rules, no name enforcement. Essentially, it was a non KoS server, and not much more.

My in-game name was RedCoat, and I took advantage of the KoS rules to drive a bus up and down Chernarus. It was a complete novelty, and shitloads of fun (even though back then there were no rules to stop people trolling the shite out of me - which wasn't as funny at the time). I've always been a bus nerd, I even drive them for a living IRL, so I perhaps took it a little more seriously than I should have.

With the server in its current state, however, there's never been a better time for me to play 'bus driver' and actually have others take it seriously.

The only problem now, is that people have been asking perfectly logical questions that I'm struggling to answer on the fly, such as "why is there a bus service in the apocalypse?", or "How did a bunch of English bus drivers end up working here?", "You get paid? Eh? What? How? Why?".

There was always a British theme to the service, like a sort of self-deprecating marketing gimmick that I love too dearly to throw away. The CEO of the company was named Horatio Nelson. I used to fly up to stranded, bleeding survivors, blasting the 'British Grenadiers' quick-march through my speakers, and it was epic. It's so mundane and stupid, and therefore so ridiculously cool at the same time.

What would make the most sense for me to do now, is to change everything and roleplay as a Chernarussian bus driver working for the local bus company, who strive to keep services running for fellow survivors. Even THAT is a bit of a stretch to some. But it's not the same, I don't want to RP as a native Chernarussian - I want to keep the redcoat theme going.

To that end, I'm going to do my best to come up with a little background lore for RBT in Chernarus, with which I WILL NEED SOME HELP, CRITICISM AND SUGGESTIONS. Thanks for reading and for anything you have to offer in support of this thread. \\


From the Top


An RBT, Plaxton Pointer bodied Dennis Dart performing local services in Lincolnshire.

It's the 1990s, and RedCoat Bus Travel opens its very first, humble little depot in a small, English seaside town. With only a few old, second-hand purchased vehicles, they begin running private hires, excursions, and setting up service routes around town. After a period of growth, RBT overtook most of the local authority's school contracts and bought out Stagecoach's larger, regional bus depot, purchasing new vehicles from Volvo, Scania, BMC, Alexander Dennis and other well known chassis and body dealers.

By 2012 they would be one of the UK's leading bus service providers, alongside Arriva, First and Stagecoach, competing in major cities, enjoying free reign over smaller towns, and even sharing in hard-to-get Transport for London (or 'TFL') contracts.

CEO Horace Nelson had a keen business sense, and soon began testing the waters abroad. Small operations were started in Hong Kong, Canada, Mainland USA and South Zagoria. Chernarus in South Zagoria was served by (among others) the state owned bus company - Chernarus Autobusová Společnost until its controversial privatisation in late 2011. When it finally went into administration due to managerial incompetence, RedCoat Bus Travel quickly swooped in and purchased its entire fleet of Ikarus, VDL and MAN service buses for a nominal price, believing the region to be potentially prosperous for a well managed transport company.


Transport for London (TFL) services run by multiple operators, including RedCoat Bus Travel.


Out of Service...?

The Apocalypse strikes. The overall fate of the United Kingdom is largely unknown, but for whatever reason - be it zombies, riots or mass panic - the majority of the nation's transport infrastructure begins to rapidly fall apart. RedCoat Bus Travel was one of, if not the only company still striving to keep vehicles on the road. Profits vanished as buses were simply travelled freely by panicking citizens and used in humanitarian relief efforts.

Understandably, a vast swathe of the workforce left the company, with little or no notice. Drivers, mechanics, fitters and other staff still working abroad were cut off, including those working in South Zagoria.


Buses of other operators destroyed, damaged or abandoned as a result of the crisis.

Mr Nelson was maniacally reluctant to give up on his successful public transport empire, and was insistent that the world would soon right itself and once again become economically stable. Though it was wishful thinking, he saw great potential in keeping services running at all costs, so as to emerge as a large and influential provider of public transport in a post-apocalyptic world. He therefore drew deep from every corner of the company's savings to ensure drivers and mechanics were offered adequate payment to continue working. Of course, many refused.

While deputy CEO Alan Wellesley didn't see eye-to-eye on Mr Nelson's reasoning, he agreed to stay his post and conduct the affairs of the company - ready to divert and control buses bound for relief efforts. He ensured that RedCoat Bus Travel's few and small overseas operations continued, mostly for humanitarian reasons.

The Secretary of State for Transport, the Right Honourable Patrick McLoughlin MP, pledged as much emergency government funding as he was able to aid Nelson and Wellesley in keeping RedCoat Bus Travel afloat - possibly to call upon them to aid in internal UK refugee efforts in the wake of the global crisis, if things hadn't already come to that. The larger fate of RedCoat Bus Travel is unknown past this point.


Patrick McLoughlin (right) and RBT CEO H. Nelson seen heading to an emergency cabinet meeting.


RBT In Chernarus

In Chernarus, however, RedCoat Bus Travel continues to operate under Transport Manager William Blakeney, and remains committed to providing ordinary citizens and survivors with the means to travel across the region. The Transport Manager's mandate is to maintain services at all costs, so that in the event of a cure for the 'infection' and economic recovery, RedCoat Bus Travel would be a well established and rooted transport provider, with no competition and healthy projected profits.

Employees are being paid, bizarrely, in British Pounds Sterling - directly into accounts with money that doesn't yet exist, but has been promised. Keeping staff on board is difficult - promises of healthy bonuses and benefits have been offered to drivers and fitters alike, under the pre-tense that they will one day be able to return to the United Kingdom and reap said rewards. It's a stretch, but to some it is the only glimmer of hope, and the only thing that continues to give them any purpose.

Currently, staff who have remained have been offered reasonable accomodation or help in finding somewhere to stay at least comfortably, if not safely. However, the bus depot in [CLASSIFIED] occasionally attracts zombies, and staff are awarded hazard pay for dealing with them and continuing to work under such tense conditions. A burger van has also been provided for staff, boasting locally sourced fresh meat and produce collected by local hunters in exchange for spare fuel, mechanical parts or free transport.

As the years have progressed, only the strong - and therefore arguably more dangerous - survivors remain in Chernarus, for the most part. RBT has limited its services to just four different set service routes to tailor to their likely destinations, and continues to operate on the rare off-chance that one day the world will again be peaceful and civilised, and substantial profit can be made.

As the British say: "Keep calm, and carry on!"


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As to the why question. You are just an old man doing it out of good will. Whatever path you choose to make this happen, it will always be the right one. +8 zeptillion to this idea.

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Awh yeah it's back! Looks great can't wait to see you in action again! :D

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Love it. Don't have anything to say about improving it, it's wonderful as it is.

More importantly though, thank you for saying what you did in your first few paragraphs. We've been focusing more and more on the RP aspect, and it's starting to pay off. I've always believed that a lot of good RPers leave this server before really giving it a chance. Here's hoping we draw more of them back in.

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I've just always thought of you as a slightly crazy person... but a nice crazy person xD I think you've given me a ride once.

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When I spoke to you, Dave, and heard your story, I could see where the game's lore and your company's diverged. It's interesting to see how you've managed to pin it down into the community's story, though, and very well done at that.

I look forward to meeting you again in-game!

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