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Creating an new PM Folder (VERY helpful for clan leaders)

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How to create a new folder in your PM box!

I just discovered this and found it extremely helpful for filtering my clan applications from my general inbox

Step 1)

Click on "User CP"


Step 2)

On the far left "menu" you have a section called "Messenger". Under that is all you need for PM's.


Step 3)

To create a new/extra folder click on "Edit Folders"


Step 4)

It'll take you to a page that looks like this:


To create the new folder you will want to type the bottom boxes under "Add folders". Once you've given your new folder a title, click Update folders.

You will then see your new folder under the existing ones:


As you see, I have named mine "Clan apps". Any PM I get that is an application, I simply move into there to refer back to later. This way they do not get lost under a wave of messages.

Step 5 - Additional step -)

To move your existing PM's to your new folder the first thing you will want to do is to tick the box on the far right of the PM:





Step 6 - Additional step -)

Once you've ticked the PM's that you want to move, you will go to the bottom of the list to the "Move to" button. There is a drop-down menu of where you want to move it to - Just select the option you want then press the button.


Some of you might already know how to do this; however, this thread is for people like me who didn't know about it :thumbsup:

Leave a comment if you think anything needs to be added or made more clear.

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Thanks all :)

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