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What is ACE!

ACE For those who do not know stands for Advanced Combat Environment From my knowledge Our community already has ACE weapons and sound packs.

Why should we have it, Ace is an all around great mod which adds so many realistic functions into the game, Even though we may have to drop some mods for it to be compatible with the server I believe it would still make a great improvement!

What would ace add?

Well ace would add A boatload of things i.e Advanced medical system with splints, stretchers, bandages, Plasma and many more!

It would also add weapon stabilization on walls and even human backs!

Another thing is it would have more advanced explosives and cars and it would add weight and the list just keeps going on!

I seriously suggest implementing aces core features into the game!

FULL LIST OF FEATURES: https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/ACE_Features

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Been discussed many times before. It will conflict with the RP mod.

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That is a dayz mod built from the ground up for ACE compatibility. (Plus it was buggy even though I loved it)

We theoretically could use ACE but it would take months of work and isn't worth it

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