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The Mechanic, Part I, II & III

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The Mechanic




Have you ever sat at a gas station and just take in the smell of the sweet, sweet petroleum in the morning... Don't you love it? It's just intoxicating! That smell is my morning cup of coffee fuelling me from one day to the next. It reminds me of the days back in England where I had my own workshop... well it wasn't mine but I worked there.

Life was great! I had a solid job working every day and night in a shitty workshop with a gob-shite boss and his prick of a son. You ever come across one of them mechanics who give the old 'Well... It's gonna cost ya' bullocks for changing an oil filter!? Yeah, those are the guys. I work with them every day. Now answer this question for me: Is it bad that I switched on the pneumatic tyre remover whilst my boss' son sat his lazy arse down onto it after 'not being fucked' to help me remove a 6-speed gearbox off a Land Rover? I saw nothing wrong with it, but of course he ran off and cried to his daddy about is arse being split wide open like the Grand Canyon.

Safe to say... I lost my job. I was fed-up and wanted away out the country for a while, a mate of mine suggested we should go on a trip around Europe following the touring cars. I duly obliged.



So off we went, our first stop was the Le Mans circuit in France. A beautiful location in the North-West of France with some brilliant cars on display on the circuit. I remember my mate next to me saying "Phwar, I'd love to be in that!" But I wasn't sure if he was looking at the car or the pit-girl next to the car, I thought it was best not to ask and instead just nod.

After France we headed for the Hockenheimring In Germany, somewhere in between Frankfurt and Stuttgart I think. I have to admit, the Germans really know how put on a car show, they are brilliant engineers. Second only to the UK of course.

We visited most of the main European tracks and we decided to go for a change. We remember seeing on YouTube some Takistani Drifting, and it had everything, fast cars, drifting, crashing, flipping you name it! We looked at each other and simultaneously said 'Yep.'

We knew the middle east was unstable but that didn't stop us. When we arrived at one of the known locations for Takistani Drifting we had to ask some locals of when the next event was and they said it would be a couple of days so we stayed at a small hotel away from the war-ridden areas of Takistan until the day came.

In those days we indulged into the local life of Takistan and came across an abandoned workshop; much like the 'shitty' workshop back home. Me and my mate walked in to see if there was anyone around, but it was quiet. As we approached the door to leave the workshop a local woman peeked through the door to our surprise. She began to talk to us in some Arabic language, we had no idea what she was saying but she guided us outside and pointed at a vehicle.


The woman spoke in a questionable tone so we assumed she had a problem with her car. I examined the car whilst my mate tried to make sense of what she was saying.

After a brief overhaul of the engine bay, I found nothing wrong with it. I switched the engine on and noticed there was quite a lack of power, I had an idea, I asked my mate to check the workshop to see if there were any tools left over preferably a ratchet and a right sized socket, he found an entire toolbox left in there and handed it to me. I took out the spark plugs and inspected them and noticed the gap in three of them were worn and too wide. The woman stood and watched patiently as I went back into the workshop to remove a few spark plugs from an abandoned vehicle inside the workshop and fitted them to the woman's car, switched the engine on gave it some revs, switched the engine off walked up to the woman, gave her the keys "Jobs a goodin'!"

I kept the toolbox after we finished with that woman's car and walked into the centre of the little town to see if anybody else needed a hand with their cars and they responded in abundance! We worked over those two days working on Takistani cars for the helpless locals, and it was a great feeling to help out an underprivileged community, a world away from being in England working for 'gob-shite' and 'prick'. We left the place on good terms with locals waving us off as we left on our way to the Takistani drifting track. I kind of fell in love with the place in all honestly.

After the Takistani drifting event the final leg of our tour we headed towards the Moscow Raceway still carrying the toolbox I got back in Takistan, it became my little personal possession reminding me of my passion for helping people the only way I know how, fixing things.

Use in background:

We chose a route through the Russian province of South Zagoria to get to mainland Russia and then Moscow. Again, we knew it wasn't that stable in the region, but our thought process was we got out of Takistan without a problem, this'll be no sweat.

As we entered South Zagoria, we chose to avoid going too far in-land where we could get lost, so instead we followed the coast through Novigrad, Primorsk and Miroslavl'. We were stopped at many checkpoints, all asking for forms of identification to which we obliged to give. Handing over our passports, telling us to get out of the vehicle while they inspect it through and through. Someone even questioned if I was going to use the contents of my toolbox as a weapon!? I said to them "You got to be kidding mate?" To which he aggressively responded by throwing the toolbox back into the car walking up to me hovering his hand over a side-arm on his belt as if he was just going to execute me there and then. He got up to my face and simply laughed. To my disbelief I took one deep breath to calm down as my heart raced.

They let us through as we entered Chernarus, the adrenaline still rife in my body as I shook uncontrollably. I asked my mate...

"What was that?"

"What?" he answered.

"Back there!? He was gonna put a fucking bullet in my fucking head in case you didn't fucking notice! ...

And why the fuck would he just laugh!!"

*His mate laughs*

"Would you like it if I put a bullet in your fuckin' head mate?!" I said shouting.

The car broke out into silence as we trundled through Chernarus. Yet another checkpoint we were stopped by, but this one was different, it wasn't manned by a soldier but what appeared to be a group of 'normal' people. We were suddenly ordered to get out of the car and lay face down on the ground, I remember thinking 'That's it, that's why that guy was laughing, he knew all along this would happen to us. We're dead.' The moment flew by, there were gunshots, shouting and in the space of what seemed like 5 seconds, they drove off with the car, I just laid there waiting for the car to be out of hearing distance. I got up and shouted for my mate but there was no response. It was dark... I tried to gain my bearings of where I was, I turned round to the other side of the road where we were just robbed of our car and I saw him...

Use in background:

Motionless on the side of the road laying face down as we were ordered, I sprinted towards him yelling "Are you all right mate!?" When I got to him I rolled him onto his back, the floor glistening with blood shone by the moonlit road. I held his lifeless body in my arms sitting down on the road repeating to myself "No, no no... *begins to weep uncontrollably and stutters* Y-y-you can't - this isn't... Th-th-this wasn't what..."

*bursts out crying looking into his dead friend's eyes*


*After some time when dawn approached, he cleared the tears from his eyes and buried his friend in a nearby woods in Kamenka*

*He looks at the grave and rests his hand on the dirt, trying to hold his emotions*

"Cheers mate. We had fun. I'm sorry... I'm so so sorry."

*Drops his head as he stands back up and stares at his mates grave one last time*


*He walked up to his toolbox that was left at the side of the road, picked it up, and followed the road to wherever it would take him*

"So this is Chernarus huh?"

*He says with a wry smile as he sets off down the road*




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Guest The Reverend

Good read! At first I though it related to the film Mechanic and I thought : "Meh"

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Good Read Man... Im sorry....#THISISMYSTORY

Yeah well... #ImBatman

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The Mechanic - Part II



*After the tragic death of his friend, The Mechanic found himself in a land of unrest. A land that was lost. A land that cried out for glimmers of human compassion.*

*The people were kind-hearted; they gave a broken man shelter, food, drink and above all, they gave him belief that things will get better. The Mechanic was ever-grateful for the people's generosity, but his mind was at a loss. He became trapped in his own guilt. He was frightened, for he was in a part of the world where he did not know, the language barrier, the loss of his friend, all a contribution to his sense of isolation.*

*As the days passed, so did his spirit. Every day he would sit down by the coast line thinking what his next move was. But nothing came unto him and what was once a place where The Mechanic would plot his next steps, became a place of blank expression and flailing hope.*


*Hitting rock bottom, The Mechanic became hollow. Missing trail of thought and the inability to avert his gaze upon the coastal horizon of the sea. Emotionless. Cold. The local people were concerned for him and knew not what to do to help the man.*

*3 months passed, once again The Mechanic sat down by the coastline casting a sorrowful gaze into the horizon in the early hours of dawn. Concerned, a local woman approached him, his eyes forever locked in place towards the sea.*

"It's okay - everyone is here for you, you are one of us." The woman whispered into his ear.

*His eyes still firmly fixed towards the ocean.*

*The woman despairingly walked back towards her house where herself, her daughter and her mother lived. This was the family that gave The Mechanic shelter.*


A home from home.

*She picked up The Mechanics toolbox inside the house, went back outside, and placed it in front of him.*

"Remember this?" The woman said as she lifted out a number of various tools out of the box.

*With his unhinged view of the ocean disturbed, the Mechanic was left only to see the woman and his toolbox. She continued to talk to him in hope to break him from his endless internal silence.*

*His thoughts began to race. A surge of impulsive memories breached his mental barrier as he remembered his time in Takistan. It gave him the memories he had with his friend, the memories of his home, the memories of everyone who he felt dear to! Helping the people the only way he knew how, by fixing things! The unearthing realisation of the man that helped the people, became the man to be helped by the people! He is that man! He knew then, that that glimmer of human compassion that was thought to be void, is actually instilled in the basic core of human nature!*

*He got up and out of his chair, much to the woman's shock and surprise, and threw himself in her arms.*

"Thank you... THANK YOU!" He said in an emotional outburst as he cried with tears of joy.

*She held him as the sun rose over the ocean. She looked at her mother as if to say 'everything is going to be okay'.*

*The Mechanic was free from his demons, he began to learn the language of the people, he started to payback the close-knit community that picked him up out of the dirt, he even worked in the factories of Chernogorsk, all with the help and guidance from the woman.*

*Their time together developed into a loving relationship. And the start of a new chapter... was about to begin.*


"The love that asks no question, the love that stands the test,

That lays upon the altar the dearest and the best;

The love that never falters, the love that pays the price,

The love that makes undaunted the final sacrifice."

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Loved part one. Yet to read part two but I'm sure it will be just as good. Love the music. Really fits the atmosphere you created. Specially love how its not clichéd. Much better than my own attempt. I hope this will be an on-going journal...

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You were right. Second part was better. I have honestly not been moved by a story like this one has moved me. I am at a loss for words. I have read a few stories in my time here I put this one not in my top 10. Not in my top 5 but on the top. Its is the story of a man that I would strive to be. Be it in character or out of.

*He got up and out of his chair, much to the woman's shock and surprise, and threw himself in her arms.*

"Thank you... THANK YOU!" He said in an emotional outburst as he cried with tears of joy.

*She held him as the sun rose over the ocean. She looked at her mother as if to say 'everything is going to be okay'.*

These lines were the most moving. I really hope you will be writing more because you have a real gift for writing.

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Cheers Warwick! I really appreciate that mate!

Let's hope it gets better for The Mechanic from here on in. ;)

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The Mechanic - Part III


*After 3 years together in Chernarus, The Mechanic had his own happy family set-up with the woman and her 8 year old daughter along with another little family addition... The couple had a son together, now 2 years of age. After their marriage, they eventually bought some farmland up in Gorka, away from the hustle and bustle of the South coast cities of Chernogorsk and Elektrozavodsk.*

*The life as a farmer took some getting use to for The Mechanic, but he didn't care! He didn't care that the rain would pour on him as he cut the hay, he didn't care that the sheep ran rings around him and he certainly didn't care when the harvester packed-up in the middle of harvest season. No. He knew what was important to him now.*


*During the day, everyday, he'd be out all over the farm moving from stables to barns doing what he had to do whilst his family played in the open field at the bottom of the hill. Whenever he would get tired of the work he was doing, The Mechanic always had his family in sight to remind him of who he was doing it for.*

*In the evenings, all the family would be in the living room. Though he'd be tired, he always managed to conjure up another dose of energy to look after the kids whilst his other half made dinner. Playing Peek-a-boo with his son and drawing pictures with his daughter. Doing impressions of the animals on the farm was always a favourite of both the kids!*

"This is what I do it for." He always thought to himself.

*A little after dinner, he'd put the kids to bed with a story, reading on until they were counting sheep in their sleep, to which he would close the book. After he then put the book back on the shelf, he walked out of the room switching the light off, exhaling a fathers smile as he closed the door silently.*

"A perfect little family on a perfect little farm."

*One day in the blistering heat of a summer day in Chernarus, The Mechanic sat down for a break and looked towards the bottom of the hill where his children were playing. Smiling at the thought of where he came from to where he is now.*


*Those precious moments that we don't know are precious yet... The value of man's life is not judged upon his riches, but his experiences... In fun, he found danger. In danger, he found tragedy. But in Tragedy, he found love, and in love... he found happiness!*

The Mechanic... Farmer... Husband... Father. Life goes on and LONG MAY IT LAST!

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Yet another good post from you Gaz. Love how there is so much optimism. Never have I seen a post where someone found love out of such tragedy. Keep 'em coming. Love reading them...

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