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Guest The Reverend

Reverend's Memories

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Guest The Reverend

*The following posts will be a mixture of imaginary content as well as 1MZED/Outcasts memories. In the memories, Reverend still believes in God and still has the title of Reverend.*

Section Memories. Chapter 1. Chernarus.

[align=left] - Fire. The inferno. I have always liked fire. It is the birth and destruction of humanity. Nostradamus predicted the destruction of the world from fire. And Prometheus brought Olympic fire to the humans to help them survive. Fire can be used as a tool, but can also be a weapon of mass destruction. Eh, if only I had some equipment... I would have made the best fires ever. -

[align=justify]Daray 'Reverend' Laurent stood up from the bar stool he was sitting on whilst writing. He looked around and put away his black notebook. It was warn out, some of its pages yellow and dry, but Reverend cherished it like nothing else. He had some of the most valuable items written down into it. All of his research, all of his work over the 20 years of researching Bio-Chemistry. So he carefully wrapped it in a piece of leather and put it at the bottom of his bag. He then turned around and sighed, then walked outside the café he has been in. It used to be a nice place, with croissants and coffee served fresh-made.

Reverend walked outside and strolled towards his motorcycle. It was in good condition, except for the fact that there was a huge dent on the left side. He sat on it and turned the engine on. It roared like a wounded boar and kept on humming. Rev sat on it for a little while, waiting for the engine to warm up.

While looking around Electro, he noticed a figure on the hills. No, two. He dived down, practically becoming one with the motorcycle, and pulled out his binoculars. He stared at the two men, walking up the hill. Daray put away his binoculars and started driving full speed out of Electro towards Cherno, where someone he knew was hiding. He recognised those two. He knew them well. Too well.

The two men who were climbing up the hill were members of the *crossed out* clan. Those two have killed an acquaintance of his and wounded another friend. Laurent knew that those people had a base established in Chernarus and he was not going to let them do any kind of banditry no longer. He knew that those men would not stop until they had what they wanted, and power is what they wanted. They wanted to rule over Chernarus.

[align=left] - I will never forgive myself. I will never forget what I have done. I will never let myself think that I am a good person. I am not a good person. I am no hero, I am just a little creation of God that went wrong, that rebelled. I am the creation of the Fallen Angels. A redeemer is what I am a Redeemer. -

[align=justify] Reverend drove up to Cherno. He parked his motorcycle in the woods close by and hid himself in a bush. Slowly, darkness fell over Chernarus, swallowing sunlight. Reverend pulled out a chem light and lit it up, putting it under him. He pulled out his binoculars and scouted the town, his eyes darting from house to house, road to road.

After a few minutes of scouting, he noticed a tall figure, moving through the town, heading towards to hotel. Reverend moved his hands a bit, adjusting the view. When he looked back at the location the man was at, to his surprise, the man was gone. Like a leaf blown by wind, away he went. Rev swore under his breath and spat. He decided to move up into the town and scout around from a building.

As he moved through the town, like a shadow, he couldn’t help but notice the absence of any kind of zombies. He scanned the Church and the cafés, but couldn't find anything. Then, a loud explosion broke the silence.

The sound came out of nowhere, deafening Rev and knocking him off his feet. His vision went blurry, but he remained conscious. After some time, when Daray’s vision was restored, he realised that the Church and a couple of other buildings have been destroyed, blown up, rubble and stones on the floor, dust filling the air.

[align=left] - I never realised the potential of a human weapon. Even in this state, where the dead are coming back and chaos is considered an everyday thing, weapons of this power are still available. I was nearly killed by those bastards. They must have followed me… Or not. If they knew I was here, they would have killed me already. No, they were just testing out their new toys. Must be proud of what they have done. Eh, those cunts. They will surely burn in hell when this is all over. How dare they destroy the House Of God? -

[align=justify] Reverend was furious. He wanted to run out there, with his RPK, and blast the hell out of the men that killed his friends. They killed her, they killed Maria. Sweet Maria, lying somewhere in the ground.

*The paper here is overly dry, meaning that water was spilled here. Or tears.*

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