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Nine Lives and Counting: Kasumi's Journal.

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It’s been a while hasn’t it. I left this old journal in my safehouse and discovered it again today. It will probably become lost again in the near future though, so I will just briefly write down all my thoughts of the past 6 months, just a way of recollecting my thoughts for the future.

It all started with a group of people called the Death Angels. I have always had my theories about them. I remember Carl once saying that they were a group of rouge US soldiers who wanted to make their own empire or something along those lines, which directly parallels the other Death Angels goals. I just took it up to the same use of name. Whoever they are I don’t know, I never have really met them up close and I’m pretty sure I don’t want to. All I know is that they scheduled a meeting with the group I was contracted with at the time, Raytheon Corporation’s “secret PMC”*. I didn’t go to that meeting just because I didn’t want to bother, but all of those who did I never saw again.

A week went by before I got slightly concerned about their lack of radio presence, and all the people I talked to said that they saw members of RC following orders from Death Angels. I tried everything to try to get the truth, hell I even sent for some other guy who got extremely sidetracked along the way**. Whatever happened they were gone off the face of the planet for all I knew

I personally didn’t give a damn about most of the members of RC, all I really cared about was Adrian Kowalski. At first I was a little sad about him not being there, but as time went on I got less sad and more pissed off about him abandoning me here, and as time went on still it became a sort of obsession on mine of finding out what became of him. I still don’t know what I would do if I happened to find him, I don’t know If I would kill him or hug him. Whatever that’s all trivial, what really matters is finding him in the first place.

I have mainly stayed low for most of the summer in my safehouse. There was a fresh water source nearby and I had enough ammo in my G36 that I wouldn’t run out for another 6 months as long as I killed animals the first time. It was actually quite comforting to just lie back for a summer. Although when I wasn’t being lazy I was attempting to find Adrian. I have asked many people and practically nobody has seen him.

Now it’s September and I still have a long ways of my goal. I decided to team up with a group called the “New Volgograd Federation”. They seem to have a lot of resources that can help me in my search. Do I trust them? Hell no. From what I can tell they’re a bunch of Russian idealists. I don’t think they trust me either, and for good reason. Just as they have given me no reason to trust them I have given them no reason to trust me.

Well, it’s late and I’m going to go to sleep. Lets just see if I lose this thing again…


Masuda, K.

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