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Question about RP

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Hey Guys,

Say I'm in a bus with some people, and some generic Russian bad guys pull us over. My character is the American Civilian. The Russians start asking for ID, looking for non-Russians. Am I required to state my IC name or can I say something along the lines of "привет Comrade! I am of KGB member/politburo/prophet of Lenin etc". I've had a look through the rules and the forum but I can't find a cohesive answer to the question.

All help is welcome, even if it's just your opinion!

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So what you're saying is are you allowed to lie? Because you're allowed to lie, portray, pretend to be whatever. Hell, if it gets him out of a bad situation, that's probably what he'd be doing.

Also, keep in mind you can't do something like *Hands fake ID*. You can lie all you want however, so I hope you're a good one. :)

Solving, leaving open.

Anymore questions about RP? Ask here: http://www.dayzrp.com/t-general-rp-questions

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Cheers all,

Those Russians won't know what hit them when I pull my 'Zombie Stalin' card.

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