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The wanderer (Interactive story)

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Description: This will be an interactive story which I will write accordingly to your choices as the community which will read it. Duing this story there will be certain important decisions that the main character has to make which in term can change the course of the story in a small or in a major way. How this turns out is up to you, the reader. I was imspired to do this after I played the "Walking dead" episodes (which are awesome). I hope you all will enjoy!

Regarding the pervious thread I made it proved tedious since you seem to die quite alot in dayZ sometimes. I think doing this it will be better since I don't have to start over every time!


Journal entry #4

This is my first entry since the few days before the incident that ruined my life. We're currently approaching year one after the outbreak. Ever since that day the dead came back to life our once great and proserous cities has slowly fallen and crumbled in a sea of flames. A new era have awakened from the dust of what our ancestors built. There is a new world order now where humanity have becomed the hunted ones. There are still people who insist on desperately clinging to the few remnants of humanity that still remains. But aside from a few holding on the past the rest of our society has withered away and anarcy now reigns across the land. I've seen proud world leaders be reduced to nothing but petty criminals praying on the fear of the defenceless and weak. There is no law, the only thing what matters now is what you want and if you have the power required to claim it as your own.

I remember that fateful day like clear water. The hysteria that broke out on the streets as people fled for their lives. I remember running from my life as well. As I made my way across the street people were screaming at me to help them, desperately hoping I would be their savior. And as they realised the truth that they were alone and nobody was going to come to their aid their eyes became filled with emptiness while they drew their last few breaths. It was the flames of our destruction that kept me warm the few days following the outbreak as I hid. By that time the hysteria and screams had stopped and now silence had filled the deserted streets. I took hold the opportunity and fled the city where I had lived my whole life. I've been on the run ever since.

He carefully folded the piece of paper and then made his way through the small ruined house where he had taken shelter fight the night and stashed away the paper in his leather pouch. The paper was clearly worn due to being exposed to moisture. He had managed to make a small fire at the center of the house, using the thick brick walls to keep in the warm as well as containing the light from alerting the outside world. The walkers wasn't the only threat out there, he had learned very well. He remember all of the times he had met slavers on the roads dragging women and children tied together by rope. He remembered the look in the eyes as he passed them. It was that same look of emptiness he had witnessed on the day when the outbreak first began. Is this really what humanity has been reduced to?

I guess it was to be expected though, the survival of the fittest. What could he had done, he was nothing but a lonely wanderer armed with nothing but his worn hunting knife and his fathers old revolver. He mostly used it for show since he didn't have any bullets for it. To tell the truth he had never seen it in action so it probably wouldn't even work if he actually managed to find some bullets that would fit it. And aside of that he didn't have any military experinence at all. The slavers were mostly ex military personnel who had resorted to slavery and banditry when the goverment collapsed. And then there is that fact that they are heavily armed.

He let out a sigh and he turned towards his bed sheet made of cardboard and a few tree branches. No food today either. He decided to get some shut eye before he would continue his travels and continued to carefully secure the small fire before he laid down and soon fell asleep. He had been pushing forward for days and his body was exaused from the strain of sleep and food deprivation.

After what felt like a couple of hours his eyes slowly opened as he was awakened by some strange noises coming from the other side of the fire. It didn't take long until he noticed a blurry figure crouching over his leather pouch which he had placed by the corner on the other side where he slept. He instantly threw himself at the figure enraged of the presence of the thief. There was no chance of walker this far out from any major city he thought to himself. He managed to catch the figure off guard since it had its back turned towards him.

He quickly wrestled it down on the ground without much effort and then proceeded use his body weight to press it hard against the hard rubble that covered the ground. As he did this he was met by a high pitched scream as the figure panicked trying to get away. He rushed to move his right hand firmly on her throat which make her choke on her scream. With his other hand he took his out his hunting knife which he had secured on his belt and showed it to the figure. As their eyes met he noticed the terror in the eyes of the figure he had trapped under him. He quickly realised that it was a fairly young woman. Her lips had cracks in them and her face was filled with small cuts suggesting that she had been running through the woods for quite some time and also that she was starving. He looked down towards her wrists and noticed red markers. Who was this woman?

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I love the idea of this :D How long will you wait before proceeding?

Thank you! I got the idea from playing the recent Walking dead Episodes. My initial hope is to reach at least 10 votes until I continue with the story.


What should he do?

Help the woman: 9 votes

Don't help the woman: 6 votes

Episode 2 will become available soon...

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After a couple of minutes of intensely examining every small detail of her face he felt the adrenaline begin to wear off. By that time he had come to the conclusion that she was nothing but a mere girl doing whatever it takes to survive the night. Could he really blame her for doing what she had to survive? It's not that easy to moral about petty theft when you come to the point that you can't even recall the last time you went to bed with a proper meal. He knew that from his own experience in the past.

It was not that long ago he had been in her shoes, struggling to merely get through the day. Had he really lost that much of the person he once was that he would leave this desperate woman to fend for herself without a seconds thought? No, not yet anyway. He was still human enough and however he tried he would not justify just leaving this woman like this. His leather pouch didn't even have anything interesting for a person in her situation anyway. Just a notebook and a few broken pencils.

He slowly released his firm grip on her throat and moved his way back towards one of the supporting walls around the room. He still breathed heavily due to the strain of launching himself across the entire room to forcefully wrestle the woman down. The fact that he had even caught the woman by suprise and still took such a toll from his actions made it clear just how exhausted his body really was at that moment. Once he had moved away from the woman she struggled to turn the other way from him, clearly in some pain from his impact as he had pushed her against the ground. After about a minute she successfully dragged herself to the wall across of him. She continued to make an effort to pull herself up and lean towards the wall holding on to her knees with both her arms he noticed what looked like dried tears covering her cheeks and mouth mixed with dirt.

He stood up and walked across the room to the area where she was sitting. When he approached she tightened the grip around her knees and pulled them firmly towards her chest. She kept her eyes fixed towards the ground way from him. Her bad smell coming from her worn and tattered clothing quickly became known to him as he drew closer. She must not had washed herself in days, perhaps even weeks he thought. The smell caused him to slightly frown before he got used to it. Once he turned away from her and towards the another corner of the room where an oddly placed rock laid for no apparent reason. He noticed her eyes curiously look up towards him as he crouched down and began pushing the rock towards the end of the now barely visable hole that it has once covered completely.

While holding the rock to the side with one of his arms he placed his hunting knife on the ground for a brief moment and reached down into the hole and a few moments later threw a small bottle of water a few inches from the feet of the woman. He then carefully placed the rock back where it once had been and took a few moment making sure that it covered the hold in the ground completely once again. While not paying much attention towards the woman he preceded to secure his hunting knife in it's holster on his belt.

The woman wasted no time reaching for the bottle of water that had landed by her feet and frantically began emptying the bottle. After an instant she suddenly bagan coughing out loud but that only delayed her a few seconds from finishing the bottle. She spent some time trying to get the last drops out of the bottle before she screwed the cap back on the bottle tightly. By that time he had moved back towards his cardboard bed and made himself as comfortable he could in that situation. She turned towards him for some time before she hastly stashed away the empty bottle in one of her pockets, clearly regarding it as her property now. But he didn't really care, who was he to refuse something like an empty plastic bottle to a woman who had nothing?

'You can stay until the morning, but if I see you go anywhere near that rock over there believe me you will wish I never spared you in the first place. Do you understand?' He spoke in a rather firm tone at the same time he made a gesture towards the rock where he had gotten the bottle of water from. She quickly nodded and then curled up against the wall in her previous position pressing her knees towards her chest again. He stayed awake a while watching the woman making sure she had fallen asleep before he could relax enough to also manage to get some sleep.

When he waked up in the morning he instantly felt his joints aching due to his actions over exaggerating his body the night before. After sitting up he quickly turned towards the rock to find it still intact as he had left it. He sighed and turned towards the woman to find her in the exact situation where she had been when he last took his eyes away from her. She was still asleep, that much was clear. He slowly made his way up on his feet and then streched his arms like was his tradition. He took a few steps over towards where she was still sleeping and used his boot to discreetly pushed her enough to make sure that she would awake.

Once she began moving he turned and then methodically moved from window to window looking for any activity on the outside. When he was convinced that there were nobody out there he turned back towards the lady again and noticed her rubbing her eyes.

The fire had by that time burned out and the temperature was considerably lower now than it had been duing the last evening. He wasted no time as he packed up his make makeshift bed and hastly stashing it into his leather pouch filling it to the brim. While he did this he noticed her eyes fixed to his every move. While ignoring her look he finished packing up the rest of his belongings which he had hid under the rock. Though he didn't bother to place the rock back where it had been when he first got there once he was done for obvious reasons.

He finally turned to the woman which still had her eyes fixed towards him whille sitting in the same position where he had gotten used to find her. It was first now he noticed that her eyes were of a bright green color and slightly reflected the morning brightness coming through the many cracks in the boarded up windows surrounding both of them.

'Don't think about following me.' He spoke briefly, turned and grabbed his pouch and backpack. The door slammed shut behind him as he left. Though while he managed to close the front door he noticed her bright eyes fixed on him to the very last second before the door seperated the two of them. He made haste moving west across one of the many fields covering the landscape. In the far distance he could just barely make out a factory which he reckoned would probably be a filled with useful tools and if he was lucky even some conserved food.

Unfortunately he wasn't the only one with this mindset. He knew these kind of places were often raided by bandits looking for an easy score to take back to their bosses. And wouldn't normally take these kinds or risks but desperate times calls for desperate methods. He realised he hadn't had a proper meal for about a week now and it had taken its toll on his his physical condition which last nights events made clear more than anything. He had no choice but to take the risk.

After he had made his way halfway across one of the many fields standing between him and the factory he suddenly noticed that he had been followed. It came to no suprise when he turned and learned that it was the same woman that had tried to steal from him last night. He forwned slightly as he watched her trip on a branch coming out of the ground and hitting the ground hard trying to keep up with his tempo while being in her weakened state. Dust covered her surroundings due to the impact and for a moment she was hard to make out from the cloud covering her body.

Once he moved close enough to her he was met with some soft moaning due to a few scrapes and bruises she had obtained from the fall. By the time she noticed him she looked uptowards his face but the dirt prevented their eye contact for an instant.

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Great story Mast.

Very well written. I am already enraptured in the characters you have created. Look forward to the next.

Ditch the girl! She is infected!

Thank you very much for the support! Stay tuned for more episodes soon! I'm counting on you guys to make your votes heard in the future!

This is awesome. It's like playing the Walking Dead in a really slow pace :D Love it!

Yep, I got inspired to do this after spending a couple of hours playing the Walking dead episodes! I'm glad that you like it and I hope you enjoyed the read! :)

Wow, this is really good.

Thank you, I try my best to make the story as interesting as possible!

GIMME MOAAAAAAAR, MOAAAAAAR! I mean... give us more..

You must be patient my young friend, I will release more episodes soon! :)

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The dust cleared after some time. From where he stood he noticed her pants had ripped from her tripping on the branch as he examined her body from top to bottom. When she finally made her way up on her feet he concluded that her clothes had bacome even dirtier from the fall, if that was even possible. Without saying anything she proceeded do dust herself off by padding her clothes causing another small dust cloud around her as she did this.

Once she herself noticed that her throusers had ripped due to her clumsiness she mumbeled a few curses while finishing padding her clothes as best she could. Her irritation of what the incident had done to her clothes was clear to him as she looked up and rubbed her nose.

He was met with the same intense look in her eyes that he had recived when he had left the house earlier. It now stood clear to him, this woman would do what she had to survive. She had gone on like this for days probably without any food or drink, he figured she must have a remarkable strong will to live and to endure whatever she has to in order survive. But could he trust her?

He quickly realised that it didn't really matter if he could or not. From the look in her eyes he would probably be forced to kill her to stop her for from following him at this point. And though he was alot of things a murderer was not one of them.

'If you fall again, I will not stop and wait for you.' He moved a few steps closer and then reached over and removed his backpack from his back and placed it on the ground. A moment later he extended one of his arms towards the woman while holding a wool cap and a couple of padded but clearly worn gloves.

'Well, are you going to take them or not?' He spoke after keeping had arm extended for some time in a slightly annoyed expression on his face. The second he spoke she rushed and reached over and took the items he had offered her. She wasted no time as she pulled the cap over her head without paying much attention how it looked and then put the gloves on. While observing this he sighed and then moved to correct her cap which clearly was put on backwards. He noticed her slightly shocked reaction once he did this but she did nothing except to stand there frozen allowing him to proceed to finish.

He spent a few seconds making sure that the cap was placed correctly. After he was happy with how the cap now was placed properly over her head he hastly packed his bag once again and then placed it on his back. Without saying anything he turned and started walking again. He quickly noticed the sound of her footsteps behind him as she tried to keep up with his tempo the moment he started moving.

While they slowly made their was across the fields an occasional breeze made the fallen leaves around them dance for a few seconds before going back to their slumber. He realised the fact that it had become autumn which meant that the harsh winter was just around the corner. He knew that difficult times laid ahead but for the moment he didn't care about that. He looked around his surroundings as they kept on walking.

Admist all the chaos and hysteria he had gone through he was suprised that something as small and insignificant as a few fallen leaves dancing in the wind could give him such hopes for the future. Was he a fool to think he could make it? Perhaps. But he knew all to well that in order to survive, you had to believe in something.

He took every precaution scouting out the area around the factory once they arrived. He slowly moved from around the complex looking towards it from all possible angles, making sure that the place was deserted from bandits was well as infected. He figured that the factory had been abandoned during the outbreak and was left untouched from the infection. After spending about a hour looking over the area he felt satisfied and decided to regroup with the woman who he had told to hide in the woods a few hundred meters out.

'Follow me and stay close, do you understand?' He spoke and then spent a couple of extra seconds observing the woman even after she had replied to his words with a quick nod. They moved from cover to cover until they reached the metallic fences surrounding the factory. After looking around for a few seconds he spotted a breach in the fences where they would be able to slip through if they crawled. They made their way over to the opening while staying crouched. He made a quick gesture towards the opening suggesting their course of action before crawling through the space.

The wind had picked up by that time and he noticed that is had become harder to make out discreet sounds around the factory. Once they had entered through the wall they quickly moved across a small open area and hid behind some large crates placed right next to the factory construction itself. He turned towards the woman and then gestured with his hand telling her to stay put for the moment. A few seconds later he was gone.

While trying to avoid making as much noise as possible he made his way around the factory, making sure it was safe for both of them to enter. When he felt convinced of the safety he then made it back to where he had left the woman. To his suprise he she seemed calm from the looks of her body expressions. She almost looked relaxed where she sat hidden between the two large crates. In an attempt to stay focused on the matter at hand he shook away this thoughts for the moment.

'It looks clear, let's go inside.' He spoke briefly and they both went back inside where they decided to stash their belongings in one of the trashed restrooms.

'Stay here and I will have a look around.' She gave him nodded in her usual matter and he moved away once again scavenging the several floors of any useful equipment. After a while he made his way back down to the bottom floor and while he was on his way back to join with the woman he stumbled upon a few old cabinets which he quickly decided to search. As he laid eyes on the a few cans of conserved food he was overwhelmed with joy for a moment and couldn't help himself from smiling as he collected the food.

Once done he turned with the intent to make his way back to the bathrooms where they had set up camp but a chill went down his spine as he noticed what sounded like motor engines surprisingly close to the factory. He quickly rushed over to one of the walls seeking cover. He felt the panic build up inside of him as the motor sounds stopped within the walls of the factory. How could have they come so close without them taking any notice? He then figured with the strong wind blurring out alot of the sound and his excitement once he found the food he must have missed it. Damn!

While looking around he figured if he acted quickly he would be able to slip out unnoticed with the provisions. But he had to act fast. He took a couple of steps along the wall to get a better view through one of the interior windows. He looked over the main room towards the bathrooms but didn't manage to find any sign of the woman. He nervously moved his arm to wipe away a few drops of sweat going down his forhead. What the hell is he going to do?

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The hell with it, he couldn't just leave her here as he couldn't leave her there lying in the dirt earlier. His thoughts raged through different scenarios regarding the current situation while he moved in for a better vantage point. Footsteps echoed throughout the large complex as he noticed several individuals enter the vicinity.

To his suprise it seemed that they hadn't yet noticed the presence of the woman and himself as they moved around, laughing casually to the occasional story of their previous spoils. Feeling desperate and outnumbered he looked around while staying out of sight for anything that might help him get out of this mess alive. To his despair he couldn't find anything that would be remotely useful in his immediate surroundings.

While planning out his next move he was abruptly interrupted by one of the men who had starting yelling alerting the others. They proceeded to quickly move towards his location as they all seemed to be yelling nonsense at eachother by that time. Seconds later he managed to lay his eyes on the woman being dragged out of the restrooms by her hair while she struggled to get free of the mans grip. As the other men quickly noticed what the man was yelling about their expressions changed and they all began laughing together.

After dragging her a little while longer they reached the main room of the factory where she was put down to the ground and they all gathered around her. By that time she had begun crying uncontrollably, begging them to leave her alone. Not paying to much notice to her pleas they would take turns pushing her around while she struggled not to fall to the ground, clearly amused of the situation.

He moved around the room from the outside trying to think of a plan that plainly put didn't sound totally absurd in his head. He had abandoned the food he had found where he hid earlier. I mean what was he supposed to do with that? Throw the cans at them and hope for the best? He concluded that the fact that this was the best idea he had yet to come up with regarding the situation it didn't really bode well for his chances of success. But it was too late to turn back now. His only possible path was to move forward at this moment.

He stopped once he reached at edge of one of the doors leading into the main hall where the men stood. While carefully glaring over the edge he noticed that the man closest to him stood turned away from him exposing his back. He then observed the others around him but quickly realised their lack of attention to the surroundings behind them as they kept their focus towards the woman.

It was now or never, he thought. He reached for his hunting knife instinctively and quickly moved in behind the man who stood with his back against him. He noticed the man flinched as he forcefully grabbed the man and placed his knife by his throat. As the rest became aware of the situation they quickly moved to raise their weapons against him, cursing and yelling over eachother confused by the turn of events.

'Let her go or I swear to god I will make this man sing while he chokes on his own blood!' Reacting to his words they quickly pushed her towards him and she then moved in behind him as she dried her eyes from tears. While keeping his eyes fixed on the men he slowly began moving backwards towards the door where he had entered. Almost halfway out of the door he was clearly suprised that the men hadn't shot him down already. He himself wasn't even sure if his old hunting knife was able to cut this mans throat in one stroke even if he tried.

Once they had made their way out of the main hall he stopped while making sure that the woman was still safetly behind him. Now what, the thought to himself as they seemed to have reached to a standoff. His thoughts of escape was suddently interrupted though as the woman screamed. He turned his attention away from the men for a moment only to be met by what looked like the end of a rifle as it was lunged at the side of his head. His ears started to ring due to the impact as he dropped the knife and fell to the ground paralyzed from the attack. As his head bounced off the solid floor his last conscious views was of the woman being dragged away by her hair once again. Her frantic screaming echoed within his head as he passed out.

Ouch. His head was still pounding as he slowly regained consciousness. It took a couple of minutes to regain his bearings and notice that he was now in an open field. He was surrounded by several men and he could recognize a few of them as they stood observing him with hatred in their eyes. In front of him was two women tied by their hands and feet, standing on their knees. He quickly noticed that one of them was the woman he had tried to help. The realization that she was still alive was only a relief shortly as one of the men approached.

'I see that our quest have awakened. And not a moment too soon, I was getting rather impatient.' The man spoke with a heavy accent and he struggled to make out the words with his pounding head. After laughing for a moment and gesturing he walked over to the unknown woman pushed her down on the dirt using his boot. They all laughed when he did this. The man turned towards him once again.

'My name is Boris and these are my men. We are the Spetsnaz Glavnoye Razvedyvatelnoye Upravleniye, but you might know us under our more commonly known name; the S-GRU.' As he spoke their name they all rallied behind him towards the two women. The man moved towards the women and then turned back towards him, glaring over their shoulders with a smile on his face.

'I was suprised to find you helping out one of our deserters, wanderer.' Clearly angered by his own statement he pushed one of the women by the side of her head making her loose balance and fall to the ground. One of the men surrounding them quickly rushed in and then brought the woman back up on her knees only move back in line with the others when he was done.

'If you know us, you know that we cannot accept cowards as well as deserters within our ranks. May they be soldiers or not, they must be punished as an example to others. This is what unites us and makes us strong. You could almost say I do this out of love for my men.' He turned towards his men for a moment as they saluted him.

'But I feel kind today, so I think I will spare one of them. But who?' He circled around the two women while rubbing his cheek. Suddently he stopped and then turned with an enlightened expression on his face.

'Why don't you decide!' He quickly spoke and then laughed. Following his words the rest of the men proceeded to raise their weapons and aim them towards him.

'I'm very curious regarding who you will save! Did you know that these two are sisters and that they killed one of my most loyal men as they fled like cowards?' He paused for a moment before he continued. 'The one you have already met already is the younger sister who had to rely on her beloved older sister which in term sacrificed her own freedom to make sure her sister got away safetly. So who will you save and who will you kill?' He spoke and then threw a makarov pistol by his feet.

As he looked down upon the handgun and then up towards the two women again who was now looking at eachother. He noticed tears coming down from the eyes of the younger sister and remembered the look in her eyes he had recived when he had tried to leave her at the house only this morning. What the hell was this sick game?! His fists tightened as he looked up towards the man who had introduced himself as Boris.

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This is actually a really nice piece of writing, how long does it take to write these?

Well from the moment I sit down and begin to plan out the plot within the episode until the second I press "post reply" after going over the episode and correcting any grammar issues I can find as well as adding some details it takes me from about 90 minutes up to two hours to get an episode done. So I try to put some effort in it.

I'm glad you liked it! :)

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