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Server time (UTC): 2021-10-23 13:46

1st video on dayz rp

Guest bronze808

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CRAZY RUSSIAN................Never Laughed sooooo much, Great video guys.

If I am ever ingame when you are, hit me up with a shout on T.S. and I'd love to come hang out for a bit.

Looks like a laugh a minute with you, Keystone Kops Style :)

[Edit] Subscribed to Youtube, so now expecting this every upload from you guys :)

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Guest bronze808

We will definitely be pumping out some videos from this server, it is very unique and every night is something new. We have two editors to switch off from.

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Guest Investorinski

Hey, no offence, but the robbery in the store was one of the worst I have ever seen. Did you guys try to give him a group hug?

And also... Next time you insult one of our Russian comrades,

S-GRU will come and slaughter you like dogs. Capitalist pigs!

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Guest Booriis

Honestly, I don't know what happened in the grocery store, other than I must have had a lag spike when I walked behind him. I didn't even see him turn around to shoot the guy next to me.

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