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Salutations again

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I am back, i am usually friendly. I do add on agression though. behave or i will be like zombies attracted to gunshots.

I may and may not run alone. At times i might be running with 3-4 comrades.

being robbed call out, and your local neighbourhood douchebag mrhex might be around the corner.

I started on dayzrp far back, when they were so fresh that rolle hadent even conceived gathering buckaroos for the new server.

I am happy to see the dayzrp community is in good shape, i do hope that the insinuations i hear from some players that i know in RL is false regarding elements on server. i will not add to that anymore until i have built myself a opinion of my own.

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Welcome back, if your in need of blood, bandages or ammo feel free to loot my corpse it can usually be found throughout cherno :)

yeah met you, i was fine with guns and blood.

met some friendly souls during my first evening back.

Got stalked by a guy that likely was a bandit.

Even got robbed ^^

Anyhow, i like to see that there are those who hold the dayzrp flag high. :)

What i dont like to see is the tents that get deployed everywhere. even inside church ontop of loot. I literally spent the entire evening in cherno and outskirts without finding a tent ^^.

Tanktraps and barbed wire infront of doors etc.

what is with all the stuff dropped outside of industrials? saw a pile of 3 toolboxes 2 windows, 3 weheels, several axes etc etc.

just curious.

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