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My Backstory

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Hi Guys, this is my first time doing any kind of roleplay so there is room for improvement, but tell me what you think of it so far, there will be a second part/continuation about my escape but i have Exams coming up and i need to revise before i do this


Day 143

Lt.Alan Sheffield

Dear Diary,

After the main assault on Takistan by the Russian Armed Forces the joint American and British task force 51 split off into small squads to eliminate any remaining Russian soldiers and protect the Takistani civilians, on route through Garmarud our convoy started to come under fire from the east side of the town killing the majority of the team and injuring the rest of us, as the Russians got ever closer we all knew our fate, unable to reach any kind of firearms to protect our selves we gave up all hope, I was terrified i didn't want to die I had a family i couldn't leave them like this, i just kept saying to myself its not my time, its not my time, its not my time over and over again but i seemed luck was on myside, as they finally reached us they executed nearly the whole squad, one of them shouted ''STOP !'' ''We can use them', as soon as the words went through my head i was already tied up and blindfolded, then a agonizing bash to my head was struck and i blacked out.

It must have been hours since the ambush, i looked around at my surroundings, i was in prison !, as i pushed my self up from a solid stone floor i noticed a small hole in the brick wall, i was no longer in Takistan from what i could see outside it looked very rural, where was i ?. 'Sir ?' someone muttered, i turned around to see a dark figure in the hallway 'excellent, your awake' the figure announced, as the figure started to walk closer i could just start to make out his name tag 'Fyodor Malikov' was his name, he was a short man with a very distinctive beard very bushy and black, 'you are now a prisoner of war, you shall work all day doing things such as mining or cleaning, you now belong to S-GRU company 47'

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