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Cherno's in flames!

Guest Masterguy

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Jamie was in Cherno.

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Geez Jamie, I just gave you that chopper xD. I trust it had an epic but short life?

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Chris, I crashed yours. Right after I killed Jamie. He walked in front of the door gun while I was shooting at a rabbit.

Kids - don't drink and fly.

... and yes, it did provide many epic adventures.

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Guest Chornaya Akula

I re-spawn at cap Golovo to see that Cherno is engulfed in flames .... WHAT!

I actually snapped a picture of this, The chopper got shot (rather well I might add) and we crashed into a building, I bailed and hit the same building, broke legs, pasted out and somehow lived.


May it serve a trophy to that M107, I enjoyed that crash.

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