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Safe areas to go to?

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Hi everyone.

I'm new to the game and whilst i don't have my whitelist approved yet, i would still like to know of any areas in the game where i would most likely not get robbed or areas that have a lot of friendly survivors.


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While there arnt any permanent area's like this anymore, the Trade Post is a utterly safe zone open on the weekends ( Friday, Saturday, Sunday ) that is enforced via server rules, so it is an utterly safe haven.

But the rest of the time, Trade Post is closed, so there is no real 'safe' area during those times, but there are many camps littered throughout the lands that have been added in which most don't even know exists, you may find some safety there.

I suggest you look around on the settlement forums and see what has been added~

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Guest whitepointer

Like stated above, the trade post is the only 'safe' area if you define it by the rules, yet it's only open on the weekends.

If you're really looking to avoid being robbed, id be more careful about who you're approaching rather than where you're traveling. Although main looting area such as the airfields and populated player camps can be a hot spot for bandit activity, I would recommend you start approaching alone individuals rather than big groups.

Although many big groups can be friendly, the chance of being robbed by some organised group would be much higher than meeting an alone survivor, in my eyes at least.

However with this , I suggest you understand that being overly cautious about avoiding these situations can lead to the missing opportunity of new experience, situations and interactions.

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If you want to avoid being robbed, its rather simple actually, just try to avoid carrying high grade equipment, try running around with say...a crossbow and such, its surprisingly fun, and most groups wont bother to mess with you, unless they are hardcore bandits, then chances are you will get some fun roleplay with them.

Try not to fear big groups as much, its the lone survivors and small, 1-3 man groups you should watch out for.

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