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DayZRP News [August Edition]

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This months addition of the news has been done on and off by myself alone and most of the stories have been gathered by me too. Sorry if this issue isn't as packed as it was planned to be but due to me having things to due in real life I didn't have time to get more stories for it all.

Expect it to be better in next months issue when we have everyone available and time to get more stories and have them in more detail for you all to enjoy!

Thankyou to Toorrik and SumoS for doing the proof reading!


DayZRP Numbers increase after Patch is released!

During the last few months we as a community have seen a decrease in numbers on the servers due to such issues such as Desync which has caused people to not want to play as at times it was unbearable.

During this month, we have seen the release of DayZRP Patch 1.4.0 which the Development Team have been working hard on to make sure that the experience for all of the players in this community is the best that they could have. They have spent endless amounts of hours coding, designing and testing all of the new features, skins and settlements which we have seen being added into the game and due to this the amount of people who have played our mod during this past month has increased massively from around 140 active players to nearing 300 each day.

We have also seen many old faces reappearing to the mod because of these certain improvements which has also made a lot of people smile as it's always good to have the old players and the new ones playing together as they can both improve their experience.

On behalf of all of us as a community, I'd like to say a massive thank you to the Development Team, Admins and The Testers for making this new patch happen and making DayZRP more active.


Recruitment opens for a place in The Media Team

Recruitment for a third person has opened for someone from the community to join the media team and help with the news and other duties which are done by this team.

If you are wanting to apply then check out the thread. It includes everything you need to know about the requirements and what you will need to answer and where to send it.

Recruitment Thread

Community Contribution Awards

First Place

Moxy [25 donation credits + automatic nomination for 2014 Community Member of the Year award]

Second Place

Fox [15 donation credits]

Forum Highlights

Here are some of this months highlights directly from the forums go check them out!

Media Threads


I don't think that Jack gets enough attention for his pictures that he has taken whilst playing the DayZRP Mod and thought that he deserved a mention for the unique images that he has produced and hope that he carries on delivering the goods on his personal thread.

Jack Kolb's Media Thread


Mental's Media Thread consists of some really nicely edited photographs that he has taken of his clans and sceneries around Chernarus.

Mental's Media Thread

Off-Topic Threads

Which is better, DayZ Mod or Standalone?

Go and have your say on which you think is better and discuss why you think that your choice is better than the opposing option.

ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

This is a craze that has gone all around the world to either support the ALS charity or doing the challenge and donating to other charities. Have you done the challenge or have thoughts about it? Go and talk about it in this thread and give your views.

Roleplaying Threads

Grey Mist by XGreyBoardX

A small story by XGreyBoardX about his current character Danny 'Doc' Grey, very good read and I hope that this will encourage him to carry it on and expand on his characters stories.

Somalian Bedtime Stories by Kharmasutra

A bedtime story which is rather funny and is meant to be about The Somalian Death Squad. Funny to read and needs more recognition as well as more of them!

Settlements & Camps


Elektrozavodsk Containment Center by Jamma


Church Refuge by SirDogster

If you are wanting to check out the threads that are linked to the news stories featured in this month's news, then click on the links below and you will be directed to the specific one:

Thank you for reading this addition of the news written by GingerHippo, if anyone has any suggestions, PM them to us and we'll see what we can sort out!

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Not enough Southern Crew :troll:

Great as always Media team! I especially like the part about the "new/upgraded" zombies :)

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Love the layout of the leaflet. Very easy to read and follow. Great job.

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As always, good job media team, it looks really good will read it thoroughly when I go to bed :thumbsup:

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Awesome job! Thanks a lot for mentioning my media, wasnt expecting that! :D

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Guest Austin_Martin

I was about to say why is my screen so zoomed but it was loading???

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Great job Media Team... Looks fantastic per usual!

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The news is looking awesome but did you mean Civilisation Edition instead of Endition on the front page?

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Hello guys!! im new in this and i have v.46 and i cant find any server how can i play or join someone? please help.

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This newsletters are quit proffessional :D Love it keep up the good work!!! Maybe someday I will be in it ;)

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