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After an eventful day, I believe it is my turn to say goodbye. The events of this day have been ridiculous to say the least. There have been both good and bad judgements made by both sides, some I would agree with, some I would not.

The problem that I see, is too many staff. The outcome of your report -may- depend on what Admin/GM you receive to handle it. These bans for false reports also get under my skin. The majority of them are from players who are simply confused, and need to take the time to understand both sides of the story, and a report is a decent place to discuss this, as one player is forced to tell his side of the story, while the other gives it in the first post.

It seems to me, as if the admins ban these sort of players for wasting their time, they don't try hard enough to help the players -understand- the rules, merely tell them to get it together and understand it themselves.

Personally, my experience with the staff has been great. Made some friends, got on okay with others, generally had a fun time. Although I do know many who have had problems with staff, I have never really reported, so I cannot share those quarrels. Another problem, similar to Moblos' is that I'm simply not enjoying the DayZRP that I used to. Jihad flying down into TP, playing some arabic music simply made me believe they were sent directly from the heavens! From Allah! I even had fun when Borg blew up my LB in TP with a satchel charge.

I may be back, I may not, it just is up to the staff whether or not they want to re-introduce the feeling of RP back into the server. S-GRU were really the only bandit clan to do it successfully, although SoA did pretty well. (Not just saying that because I'm still in it)

Hopefully this new DayZRPMod will be as good as Jamie is saying, I may be back in SA for it. Who knows, I may not even get SA and just play WarZ.

Anyway, goodbye for now, and Meekia, it's -insertnamehere- and I*

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