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Banappeal Fabian

Guest FabianBanAppeal

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Guest FabianBanAppeal

Hello Staff, you all know me so I'll cut the whole introduction message.

I have been banned from the server for a reason that I can not understand, Rolle states that I have leaked messages that I have not.

Saying "I'll take my chances" when I'm innocent is not nice.

I have not done anything wrong and I want to appeal my ban.


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  • Server Manager

The members present on the Skype chat when the logs were taken:








Out of these people:

- You left the GM team

- You have a motive (you signed the "petition")

- I trust the other staff members, not you.

You were all informed when joining the team that no internal information may be shared with anyone outside the staff.

Both I and you know that it is you who leaked these logs, why the bullshitting?

Ban holds.

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