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Hello RPers

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Ok, then I´ll introduce myself, too.

Hi! I´m pal10. Ingame name Hanser.

I´m from Germany, so don´t be too critical with my english ;)

Maybe I´ll join a non military clan.


I´m a mid age hunter named Hanser, who was on a hunting trip as the apocalypse struck. That´s the reason, why I survived.

Arriving from that trip, I find my lovely little village overrun with those demonic hordes, my loved ones, my friends, my family, my daughter roaming the streets, rotten, cannibalistic monsters, neither alive nor death.

Now I make a living providing the TP with fresh meat, scavenging the cities for supplies and cutting firewood at the forest.

Because I´m not very experienced in using military weaponry, I´ll mostly use civillian weapons.

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Welcome to DayZRP! If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask, and hope to see you ingame. ;)

And for clans if TOR might be a good option or EMS if you're into helping.

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