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Ban appeal for Lars

Guest MadWorld

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Guest MadWorld


Absolutely pathetic, you can clearly see from the YouTube video I posted that they are friends. I have seen them around with each other before as well (they call themselves Easy Company). Nice to know you accept liars into your community... I know I haven't been an outstanding member but I have helped donate and since my last stupid report I swore not to report anyone any more unless it was literally a blatant KoS. I want another admin to at least have there opinion on the matter.

PLUS he combat logged? So his "friends" could come up and heal him. Oh wait he said they weren't his friends so lets take his word on it?

When a guy says we have a sniper and I look up to see a sniper looking at my friends position... what would you think?

Oh and I just realised looking at there Easy Company post the three guys I actually robbed with Inseed are in that clan... all of them bunched up together. Admin should of done his research!

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