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The Veteran's Log

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Day 0:

The names Anfauglir (not my real name – that’s classified) I’m a UK SF soldier on detached duty with US Delta Force. I’ve spent the last 6 months working in one of their Alpha teams (Wolfpack Delta) on missions all around the world dealing covertly with zombie outbreaks the local governments are too incompetent to deal with themselves. So far so good right? I must have been on at least 10 missions all in places normal people wouldn’t dream of going, never took a casualty never had a problem, then Chernarus happened.

We got the call early on a Saturday morning I remember clearly because I was due some leave to get some r&r , but hey that’s the price you pay and I loved the job.

I remember the briefing clearly this wasn’t quite the same as our usual missions, Chernarus was in the middle of a full scale civil war with a Nato intervention force in the middle but we’d been getting intelligence about unusual disappearances in the vicinity of Green Mountain so we were dispatched to confirm the presence of infection and clear it up if necessary.

Day 1:

It was 5am and pitch dark when our squad approached the compound at the top of Green Mountain, it was totally silent not even the normal night sounds. As we prepared to breach the first building I could hear the tell tale moaning and screeching and we knew the infection had spread to Chernarus .

What we didn’t know as we opened the doors was that the infection here was unlike anything we had dealt with before, the virus must have mutated to some form which didn’t impact the mobility of the victims because before we knew it the zeds were streaming out of the building, properly sprinting! All the ones we’d dealt with before were slow shuffling things that we’re easy to take down.

No one was prepared for this – there must have been hundreds locked away in there (I later found out the buildings were used as a make shift morgue from the fighting). We were completely overwhelmed – the last thing I remember is being grabbed from behind and falling face first into a wall then nothing but blackness...

Day 4:

I can feel the sun on my face I slowly come to and get up, suddenly I remember where I am and what happened. I check myself for injuries and find healed bite marks on my arms – I must be one of the lucky few immune to the virus because otherwise right now I’d be moaning with the rest of them. I check my watch and realise I’ve been out for nearly 72 hours

Most of my equipment is gone – torn away from my body while I was comatose, I manage to find a backpack and my weapon lying nearby and start checking the rest of the compound for any survivors from my team.

Its total carnage – we had 16 guys when we came in and 7 of them are lying in pieces around the compound – I can’t believe it; how could we not have seen this coming, these zombies will be unstoppable if we don’t contain them. I have to try and get word out so I head to our ERV at Balota airstrip.

It takes a couple of hours to get to the outskirts of Balota – I have no idea how far this infestation has gone and I want to avoid towns for now, by the time I get eyes on the airstrip I know it’s too late – there are bodies everywhere and at least 20 zombies shuffling around. There’s no sign of anyone else from my team.

I retreat back into the woods and start to plan what to do next; has anyone else from the Wolfpack survived? Where would they have gone...I need to start searching.

I won’t give up, a phrase I read once comes to mind: ‘Death is as light as a feather; Duty as heavy as a mountain’.

Duty, yes I know my duty – I won’t rest until I find out what happened to the rest of my team, my friends, my brothers. I can say one thing this is one soldier who won’t be going quietly into the night, I’ll be taking as many of these infected beasts with me as I can...

((OOC)))If you're wondering if I'll find any of my lost team members, then even I dont know! check http://www.dayzrp.com/t-wolfpack-delta-%E2%80%93-dayzrp%E2%80%99s-alpha-team for details!((/OOC))

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Day 18:

Man I don't know what's happened to me, 2 weeks ago I was out hunting boar for something to eat when the wind suddenly changed and it charged straight at me. I was lucky although it gored me pretty good the tusk missed my femoral artery and I managed to drag myself off into a nearby tree and bandage it up. It was agony - for the first time I needed to use my morphine injector for the pain. It made no difference at all so I took a second..that one man...put me out like a light.

When I woke up I felt really woozy and in absolute agony - I was really glad I'd managed to scrounge more painkillers and the morphine from my fallen comrades, I figured I'd be safe to take some more morphine...

That pattern repeated itself for the next 7 days while my leg slowly healed, most of those days just seem like a blur now and I can barely recall what I was doing besides lying slumped in a morphine induced haze.

I guess I figured once I was back on my feet everything would be cool. Wrong.

I didn't realise what was wrong at first, it was my first day without any pain in my wound so I didn't take anything...a few hours later I was curled up in a ball heaving and shaking like I had a crazy fever, I thought I'd just picked up an infection so I took some antibiotics from my medkit and tried to sleep.

It was an uneasy night I could have sworn I wasn't asleep at all just up with strange visions and the shakes.

The following morning I was even worse, in absolute agony again...I took some morphine because I was so desperate and what the hell? I felt fine...shit...I must have taken too much during my recovery, no wonder standard procedure is to give 2 out and no more I had no idea just how seriously addictive morphine is.

What do I do now...I'm going to run out eventually..then what..think...I'll have to head into the city look for a hospital there'll bound to be some there...

Day 20:

I was in luck I managed to find an unbroken syrette in an old medical box. Sweet bliss - I guess this is my life now, avoiding zeds trying to find food and keeping on top of my addiction.

On my way out of town I ran into a friendly guy we shared some food and I asked him if he had any morphine on him...he laughed and said no but he'd heard of a new gang called the InJected who were dealing on morphine and other drugs. I'm sure they would have call for someone of my military background? At the very least I might be able to trade with them for some morphine, he said they operate off the eastern coast near a town called solnichy or something. I guess I'll head that way, I hope I find what I'm looking for I'm starting to come down again....

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