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Blood, Bullets and Politics
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Back from a rather large break!

Guest Althalus

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Guest Althalus

Hey guys!

I'm gonna be introducing a new character, hopefully it will be an interesting story that lays out before me and anyone that I interact with. my old character Nuttah Morin in my eyes is dead, my group disbanded and almost everybody made a new character and joined new groups. I hope to join a group or at the very least, play a solo character that doesn't play well with others.

Here goes a new chapter!

"My name is Kyle Averill, a simple man living a simple life,

at least, it was simple, up until it went in a infuriatingly fast downhill joyride with no brakes." I was thinking to myself when being cornered by some zombies.


A voice commanded loudly from outside the door. I quickly did as he commanded,

I was in no condition o be in charge here. moments later, a zombie was upon my and ready to feast. The door bust open and shots flew everywhere. I was hit in the leg, hoping that the bullet missed my arteries. I guess I passed out from shock because when I woke up,

I was in a camp with two other people.

dirt and blood covered their face, being illuminated by the red glow of the dying campfire below.

"Ah, you're awake, don't worry, we aren't going to hurt you."

The obvious leader of the two walked over with his gun lowered, handed me a can of beans and smiled. This is where my life got flipped around and sent downstream without a paddle.

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