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Rise of Science. (Dedicated RP support work)

Guest Hyborith

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  • Emerald

So how will it work In-Game. scientists and researchers operate like Medics do. But its very unlikely they will be heavily armed. So i will elaborate in the future about what presentation a "Scientist" should look like to other players.

Alas i am done. add your opinions and so forth in the posts.

It allready happend and it still happening.

The expidition,experiments and the kipnappings all happend and are still going on. But the thing is that its all secret, Its the secret story where members of the community are put in. To get involved you must look for the charrachters who experienced the events and know the information but its up to you to find these people.

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  • MVP

Reading this. What are you suggesting? Do you have the capability and technology to produce any research that can actually produce anything tangible?

Or are you implying that there would be someone that can come in and deal with such a development inside of Chernarus?

Many researchers have been roaming and some survival groups did also attempt to produce a vaccine or other varying medication to varying degrees of limited success.

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